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CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 05.06.2014 | 22:32

Late Night With Seth Meyers

Her er 2 videoer fra da Demi var på Talkshowet til Seth Meyers igår (4.juni).



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.05.2014 | 20:08

The Vamps om Demi


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 21.05.2014 | 09:45

Intervju av Demi Lovato med Antonella Michelena


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 24.04.2014 | 17:33


Her er en video fra pressekonferansen fra São Paulo, 23.April.


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.04.2014 | 17:28

Intervju med "Q92's"


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 01.04.2014 | 17:16

Intervju med "Woody and Jim" og "HOT 107.9"


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 25.03.2014 | 18:22

Intervju med Gravy & Rachael InTheMorning


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 25.03.2014 | 16:21

Intervju med Channel 99.9


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 23.03.2014 | 11:36

Demi being interviewed by Steven from 99.9 Radio

(video kommer nok snart!, her er kun et bilde fra intervjuet)


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 21.03.2014 | 17:12

Demi Lovato Xcel Energy Center Interview Before Her Neon Lights Tour Show


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 20.03.2014 | 16:54

Catching Up With Demi


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 18.03.2014 | 15:55

1075 KISS FM intervju med Demi Lovato


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 17.12.2013 | 17:45

Et lite klipp av Demis Interview med E! news


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 14.12.2013 | 18:18

Demi avslører de berømte venner som hjalp henne gjennom Rehab


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 11.12.2013 | 15:55

Demi snakker ut om Kokain


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 11.12.2013 | 15:52

Demi Lovato intervju (Access exclusive)


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 10.12.2013 | 18:33

Demis Fulle intervju på Late night w/Craig Ferguson


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 10.12.2013 | 18:31

MTV pocket Demi lovato

PS: Første del er øverst så går det nedover :)



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 09.12.2013 | 20:07

"Demi Lovato Reveals The Hardest...

...Thing About Writing Her Book"


"Demi Lovato celebrated her December/January Nylon Magazine cover on Thursday night, and was feted by Joe Jonas, Kat Graham and on-again boyfriend, Wilmer Vaderrama. Before heading into the McDonald's-sponsored event, Lovato told me about the process of writing her book, Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year.


After battling substance abuse and eating disorders, Lovato decided to put together a collection of affirmations for her fans. I asked her about the most challenging part of the process.


?Finding the time to sit down and write," she said.


"A lot of people don?t really write their own books [they have ghost writers], which is probably something that anybody who?s not a natural author really needs. But this [writing my book] was really easy because it wasn?t a memoir. I have first drafts covered in coffee stains!"


Lovato only found time to write the book while traveling. What was her biggest motivation for finishing it?


"You have a deadline, and it needs to be finished!" Lovato said with a laugh."


Intervju hentet HER



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.11.2013 | 16:02

Demi Drar fra Jimmy Kimmel


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.11.2013 | 15:59

Demi Ankommer Jimmy Kimmel


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 03.11.2013 | 11:07

Demi svarer på spøørsmål fra fans :)


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 03.11.2013 | 11:05

Demi Snakker om miley på Katie Couric Show

Hei jeg må bare få sagt unnskyld for at jeg ikke har blogga, det er bare fordi jeg har bare ikke hatt tid,

jeg har hatt timeplanen fullt nesten hele uka så unnskyld for det men jeg må nesten sette privatliv foran bloggen.


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.10.2013 | 13:40

Et bilde til av demi Backstage på 2vlive


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.10.2013 | 13:36

Demi Backstage På 2vLive


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.10.2013 | 13:34



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.10.2013 | 13:31

Demi med Katie Couric


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.10.2013 | 13:16

Demi på "Agora e tarde" i Brasil (Video)


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.10.2013 | 13:12

Demi På "Agora é Tarde" i Brasil


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 25.10.2013 | 15:04

Selena Gomez snakker om Demi ...


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 25.10.2013 | 15:01

Demi`s Exclusive interview på Enews


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 22.10.2013 | 16:38

Demi på Coletivation intervjuet

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 15.10.2013 | 15:45

Demi på intervju i Brasil (video)

Spol til 1.51 siden på starten snakker de portugisisk :)


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 11.10.2013 | 19:22

Demi på Pink carpet i Mexico (Video)


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 11.10.2013 | 19:11

Demi på intervju på Pink red carpet


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 11.10.2013 | 19:07

Demi på Pink carpet i Mexico

Trykk på tannhjulet for å få bedre kvalitet


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 21.09.2013 | 11:55

"Demi Lovato, The Jonas Brothers And Darren Criss Interviews"



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 15.09.2013 | 20:18

Maxwell snakker med Demi



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 24.08.2013 | 17:51

Selena Gomez: ''Im so proud of Demi Lovato''

¨tSelena forteller at hun er så stolt over Demi, for snakke om hennes problemer i offentligheten. Les hele intervjuet >HER<


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 22.08.2013 | 17:25

Duet med Naya Rivera på Glee!

I følge Eonline  vil Demi karakter synge en duet med Naya (Santana) les mer om det >HER<



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 21.08.2013 | 21:10

I wanted to have a memorable and meaningful way to celebrate..



Demi Lovato fortelle hvordan hun ville feire bursdagen sin til les mer >HER<


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 21.08.2013 | 20:53

Lily Collins gushes over meeting Demi Lovato

Hun forteller om hvordan det var og møte Demi Lovato på teen choise awards, les også interjuvet >HER<


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 20.08.2013 | 18:34

Bursdags feiringen

Les om Bursdagsfeiringen til Demi lovato >HER<

(Bildet er fra en Photoshoot i fjor.)


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 20.08.2013 | 14:18

Hva Demi lovato virkelig ha for hennes bursdag

I motset fra hennes venn Selena Gomez, vil du ikke finne Demi Lovato prøve sin første lovlig cocktail, forsett og lese intervjuet >HER<

Legger til et bilde av dene nydelige dama her! Bilde er fra en konsert i 2011/2012, er ikke sikker på vilket år.


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 04.08.2013 | 22:27

Saturday Online intervjuet



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.08.2013 | 22:33

Bella Thorne om Demi

"I love Demi because she?s very different, she?s very different from any girls on the channel."



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 01.08.2013 | 18:20





These Disney stars certainly grow up fast, don't they? Just last week Selena Gomez was celebrating her birthday with a bunch of her friends (and the Biebs, of course) and now it's Demi Lovato's turn as she'll be celebrating her big 21 next month.

But don't expect to see Demz falling out of a nightclub donning a birthday sash on her big day, because she's spoken out about how lucky she feels to just be turning another year older and slammed those who decide to spend most of their time 'chasing the next party'.

Yep, it seems Demi doesn't agree with fellow Disney alumni Miley Cyrus' views on going crazy in your twenties because she's spoken out to Cosmopolitan and explained how fragile she feels life is.

She told the magazine: "I look at birthdays as celebrating another year of life. You've made it another year. An entire year. Some people don't make it to 21." Woah, that's pretty deep. All we ever think about when it comes to birthday is an excuse to eat cake at 7am.

Demz also slammed pop stars whose wild antics are a bad influence on young fans, saying: "When I look at someone who's out there partying excessively or rappers rapping about doing drugs, who people look up to, and think, 'Oh that's a G; that's a gangster'. I think, 'You're actually being a giant p***y.'

"If you're spending your entire early 20s chasing the next party, what are you running away from?"

Well, even though Demi's doing a great job at being a role model to her young fans, we hope she'll still spend her birthday having a little bit of fun - which in our minds is munching on some early morning cake and watching Clueless three times in a row to be honest.

But what do you make of all this? Is Demi right about bad role models and too much partying? Or do you agree more with Miley's views?



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 30.07.2013 | 22:01

Demis intervju med Q102Philly - begge parter





CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 29.07.2013 | 18:43

Demis intervju i Topp bladet

I den nyeste utgaven av Topp (det som kom i butikkene I DAG!!) er det med et intervju av Demi, så jeg tenkte å legge det ut her!


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.07.2013 | 16:42

"Demi Lovato Reveals That She Would Quit Being A Celebrity!"

"Demi told me why she wants to quit being a celebrity, but doesn't because of the one thing that keeps her going."




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.07.2013 | 12:31

"Selena Gomez: I call Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato when I get frustrated"

Selena Gomez rocks red lips and a hoodie as she hops out of a car and heads inside LAX Airport on Tuesday night (July 23) in Los Angeles.


Earlier that day, the 21-year-old actress/singer stopped by The Tonight Show to promote her new album Stars Dance and her upcoming film The Getaway.


?There?ll be days where I?m not bothered at all and I can just go out with my friends to the movies or walk around the park,? Sel recently told The Guardian. ?But when it gets frustrating, that?s when I call Taylor [Swift]. Or Demi [Lovato]. Sometimes it will just be, like: ?Urgh, people are talking about me!? But then it feels gross [to complain], because it comes with what I love to do.?



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.07.2013 | 12:25

Demi forteller Star 101.3 hvorfor hun elsker Stay av Rihanna



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.07.2013 | 12:23

"Demi Lovato to spend 21st birthday giving back, not getting wasted"

Photo: (Getty, MTV Act)


Most people spend their 21st birthdays downing shots and taking Instagram pics they'll someday regret, but singer and "X Factor" judge Demi Lovato has something verrrry different in mind: a sober, charity-filled trip to Africa.

"I?m actually going to go to Africa. I am just going to do a bunch of charity stuff," sherevealed in an interview on "The Ralphie Show." "I feel like the best way to celebrate anyone?s birthday is just giving back and helping others." The "Made in the USA" singer, who spent time in rehab in 2010, feels blessed to have made it to this milestone birthday and doesn't think anyone should spoil it by getting wasted. "Birthdays are all about celebrating life, and people are very blessed to even make it to 21," she told Ralphie. "So the last thing I think anyone should be doing on their birthday is poisoning themselves [by drinking]."

Demi will be heading to Africa with her mom and sister, Dallas. She unfortunately lost her biological father to cancer last month, but remains ever-positive and optimistic. We admire Demi's strength and honesty in discussing issues that many young people go through. She has grown into a wonderful role model, and we are sure she'll continue to inspire for many birthdays to come.




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 25.07.2013 | 23:24

"Demi Lovato?s Blonde Hair: ?I Don?t Really Care If People Like It Or Not?"

If Demi Lovato still had to do reports on how she spent her summer vacation, we can bet she?d sum it up in one sentence: ?I just kept getting blonder and blonder.?

 From the honey hue she debuted in May, the singer has kept lightening up to the almost platinum shade she?s sporting today ? and she?s been loving every step of the way.

 And so have her fans. ?The overall reaction is ? people like it!? Lovato told PEOPLE, before adding, ?I don?t really care if people like it or not. I like being blonde and it?s fun for the summertime.?

 RELATED: See seven more star hairstyles we?re loving!

 She admits that the decision to dye was spontaneous ? and her next one will be too. ?I never know what I?m going to do next,? she said. ?Maybe like a honey brown or a dirty blonde or something, so it?s not too blonde.?

 How does her hair handle all that back-and-forth? ?What I do is just take care of it a lot,? she shared. ?I do olive oil treatments, which are really easy. Also, because of my [Hispanic ethnicity], my hair is really strong naturally.?

 Tell us: How often do you dye your hair? How do you keep it healthy?


?Alex Apatoff, with reporting by Dahvi Shira



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 24.07.2013 | 18:00

Demi Lovato gir Emblem3 sex råd.


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 24.07.2013 | 17:57

Joe Jonas rangerer Demi, Miley og selena.

Joe Jonas rangerer Demi, Miley og Selena på Afther show.


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 24.07.2013 | 17:53

Little Mix sier...

I intervjuvet, sier Little Mix: vis de kunne ha et 5 medlem ville det ha vert Demi Lovato.


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 24.07.2013 | 17:07

Demi Lovato er virkelig god venn med Nick Jonas.

Demi forteller til MTV Nyheter at hun er stolt over hennes Disney venner, til tross for konkurranse.

Se hele interjuvet >HER<


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 22.07.2013 | 20:07

Nye intervjuer med Demi

Demi Lovato Sets Record Straight On Bieber 'Dis':

Demi Lovato to Miley Cyrus: "Be Careful":


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 19.07.2013 | 13:20

"Demi Lovato takes the Reins for ´Made in The USA´"




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 18.07.2013 | 19:57

Demi Lovato Reacts to her VMA Nomination

- Mette


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 16.07.2013 | 20:16

27 Reasons To Love The 90's (Presented By Demi Lovato)

1. SpiceWorld

Best. Movie. Ever. I totally thought the inside of their double-decker bus was real. That thing was gigantic.

2. Posing like Posh

Posing like Posh

I would pose like her on family vactions. I would be at Sea World and my whole family would be smiling and I was totally Posh posing. I was literally like 5.

3. Titanic-era Leonardo DiCaprio

27 Reasons To Love The '90s (Presented By Demi Lovato)

This is kind of embarrassing, but I used to dream about Leonardo DiCaprio. I think we just made out, but back then for me that was a lot.

4. Chris Kirkpatrick

Chris Kirkpatrick

He was my favorite in NSYNC.

5. AJ Mclean

AJ Mclean

Favorite member of Backstreet Boys. I liked the bad boys.

6. Tommy Pickles

Tommy Pickles

I loved Tommy! Tommy was the smart one. I also liked Chuckie. I couldn?t stand Angelica. Team Pickles.

7. Chokers


I went through a ?90s phase last Fall. Everything I bought and owned was ?90s. I bought chokers and platform shoes.

8. Keenan And Kel

Keenan And Kel

Loved that show. Favorite Nickelodeon show. Also loved Alex Mack and All That.

9. Eminem?s performance at VMAs

Best VMA performance ever.

10. Blossom


She was my favorite Powerpuff Girl. My mom had red hair, so she was the best to me.

11. Billy Madison

Billy Madison

Definitely my favorite Adam Sandler movie.

12. AIM


I had so many screen names. My most memorable one was ?Little Kelly? because I was obsessed with Kelly Clarkson. I also had ?Demilicious? and ?Starbucks Babe.? When you?re in middle school you go through, like, a million of those. Also ?Smarterchild? was great.

13. Hit Clips

Hit Clips

I was on a Hit Clips commercial but I can?t find it anywhere! I booked it as a featured extra and all of a sudden I was the lead of the commercial. It was the best day of my life. I?ve tried looking. I can?t find it. And yes, I played them over and over.

14. Orange tapes

Orange tapes

I will always love these!!

15. French Toast Crunch

French Toast Crunch

They don't make it anymore!

16. Inflatable furniture

Inflatable furniture

I totally had this stuff.

17. These spoons

These spoons

Totally had these too.

18. Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers

I still have them at my house in Texas. I?m obsessed with them. On the second story of my house there?s a balcony overlooking the living room, and I let them fly to see how crazy high they could go.

19. This book

This book

I need this book!

20. Junie B. Jones books

Junie B. Jones books


21. Good Burger

Good Burger

I wore that VHS out. This movie was bomb!

22. Levar Burton

Levar Burton

One of the first times I got starstruck was when I met him.

23. Model Behavior

Model Behavior

Best Disney Channel orginal movie ever.

24. The Fresh Prince theme song

I still obviously know all of the words.

25. Sabrina


Sabrina was my favorite show on TGIF.

26. 98 Degrees

98 Degrees

98 Degrees was my favorite out of all of the boy bands. They were more of the bad boys. I see Nick everywhere now, too. We?re always running into each other. If you told me when I was 6 or 7 that I would be cool with Nick I wouldn?t have believed it. It?s just really funny. I wouldn?t have believed you.

27. Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold

Best Cartoon. Also Proud Family.

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 16.07.2013 | 16:54

Demi Lovato talks tonsil surgery, turning 21 and her new album

Les det HER!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 16.07.2013 | 10:15

16 Signs You're Becoming Demi Lovato

1. Your favorite Disney Princess is Cinderella?

16 Signs You're Becoming Demi Lovato

Cinderella was my favorite ? I rewatched it recently. I almost watched it twice in a row because I love Disney movies. They?re just so pretty! I was on an airplane recently and I was like, ?Oh my god, is she gonna get there in time??

2. ?and yet you?re skeptical of the choices certain Disney princesses make.

16 Signs You're Becoming Demi Lovato

Take Ariel. She?s 16 years old. Gave up her identity. Married a guy that she didn?t know and had never had a conversation with only three days after meeting him!

3. You?re not particularly attracted to either Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum.

I?m not particularly in love with either one. To me they?re still kind of pretty boys. I just don?t think they?re just the most attractive men in the world. ? I?m a really big fan of Mickey Mouse; he?s provided me with a lot.

4. You were over Snapchat about two days after you started using it.

You were over Snapchat about two days after you started using it.

I was into Snapchat for about 48 hours. I think I have, like, a million snapshots that I need to read because I was obsessed with it for a few days.

5. You like to post embarrassing photos of your friends and colleagues.

With the pictures I post of Simon Cowell on my Twitter account, I just use Google to find them! He?s like, ?You have to stop that.? I?m never going to stop.

6. You watch crime shows as often as possible.

You watch crime shows as often as possible.


My reality shows are my crime shows. I just fell in love with the ID channel. It?s so good. Disappeared, Dateline and I Almost Got Away with It. Behind Mansion Walls is so scandalous! There?s another one called The Killer Speaks (or something crazy like that) where they interview the killer.

Everyone?s always like, ?What?s wrong with you? Why do you watch these shows?? I?m fascinated that people can commit these crimes, but also that they?re humanly capable of doing these things at all. It?s just weird to me that they think they?re going to get away with it. If you watch the shows, it?s actually probably good for society because it shows you that you can never get away with killing somebody. You will always get caught!

I?m also a huge fan of alien shows and paranormal shows. I only watch ID channel, History Channel, sometimes A&E, and HLN.

7. You?re really not into taking selfies for the entire world to see.

I will only take one and send it to my family or friends. I used to post them on Twitter but then I felt like, Wow, this is really narcissistic. I don?t really want to be that kind of person.

8. You can?t exist without your daily Starbucks.

You can't exist without your daily Starbucks.

I can?t live without my green iced tea from Starbucks. I like tea a lot. I do coffee sometimes.

9. If you could have any super power in the world, it would be teleportation.

16 Signs You're Becoming Demi Lovato

I travel so much ? do you know often I think about teleporting? Do you know how much money I?d save? Do you know how easy it would be to just, like, blink and then be back in L.A. after a concert? That would be so nice. When I start to think about it too much, I get angry because it?s like, ?Why haven?t they invented it yet?!?

10. You?re tragically allergic to cats and dogs.

You're tragically allergic to cats and dogs.

I?m not allergic to all animals, just cats and dogs. Sometimes I?ll have a bad allergic reaction to dogs, sometimes I won?t. But cats, if I am 10 feet away from them, I?ll be freaking out. I?ll be in the room with someone and have an allergy attack and be like, ?Do you have a cat?? and they?ll say, ?Yeah, how?d you know??

11. You prefer Los Angeles to New York City.

You prefer Los Angeles to New York City.

I?m most comfortable in L.A. because that?s where everybody I know is.

12. You hate it when people read too far into your tweets.

You hate it when people read too far into your tweets.

My biggest pet peeve on Twitter is when people read into my tweets. I?ll post something and then it?s totally taken in a whole new direction where I?m like, ?Where did that come from? That was not what I was talking about at all.?

13. You think Kelly Clarkson is amazing.

You think Kelly Clarkson is amazing.

I always get starstruck when I see Kelly Clarkson. We keep in touch and I get so excited. I have that feeling like, Ahhh, she just texted me!!

14. You?ve been enjoying the new Fall Out Boy album lately.

You've been enjoying the new Fall Out Boy album lately.

I just got Fall Out Boy?s new album. It?s funny because they used to be the coolest band, and then it became like, ?Oh, you listen to Fall Out Boy?? Now it?s been so long that it?s clear they are really talented. Lately I am listening to their album, which is awesome, and Paramore.

15. You?re aware of the paranormal.

You're aware of the paranormal.


I go ghost hunting. My house in Texas is so ridiculously haunted. Not by a bad spirit, but a little girl. I think her name is Emily. I?ve had a medium come over and ghost hunters, and they both told me the same name, Emily. There were so many times that I saw her when I was growing up. I saw her in my closet one time. When I was 3 years old my mom caught me talking to something by myself. She asked, ?Who are you talking to?? and I said, ?My best friend Emily.? She?s playful. She?d probably be around 11 or 12 years old, maybe younger.

One of my friends, Tucker, came over one time and he asked, ?So your house is haunted?? I said, ?Yeah, just watch. Something will happen. Something always happens.? We started to watch a movie when all of a sudden a laptop in my kitchen started to play a movie also. It was a black screen before, so it was a question of who turned it on and hit play. And after that Tucker texted a friend saying, ?I think this house is haunted, a movie just turned on by itself,? and there was a ?glitch? in his phone that kept texting him back the word ?definitely? over and over again. That happened about 30 times.

There was another time when my uncle was in the living room watching TV and a balloon came down the stairs and turned around on the bannister. I have crazy footage of just orbs flying through the air? It?s crazy stuff.

I believe that everyone can tune into that part of their mind. I think I have a really strong connection to the afterlife. My mom?s friend is a medium, and we?ve talked about things? Stuff will just happen. When I walk into a room, I can tell if something has happened there or not, or if a hotel is haunted. I feel like the more present you are in your everyday life, the more aware you are of your surroundings and the energy in the room. When you?re sensitive to energy, you can tell if something is off or happening. Everyone can be open to it if they open their mind.

16. You still haven?t parted ways with your scrunchie.

You still haven't parted ways with your scrunchie.

I have scrunchies in my drawer still. I don?t wear them ? I feel like there?s no reason to give up a scrunchie for good.

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 15.07.2013 | 15:36

"Demi Lovato: 'If you want to be famous, just make a sex tape'"

The Heart Attack singer and former Disney star talks about fame, being the subject of an intervention and ? possibly ? having a crush on Barney the Dinosaur.

Demi Lovato: 'If I were to be able to live until I'm 30 that would be a huge blessing.'Photograph: Robin Marchant/Getty Images.


Good evening Demi. Your new album is far better than your last. Did you realise this while you were recording it?
Well, thank you. When I finished the last album I thought it was great for a while, but I got sick of the songs a lot faster than with my others so I figured maybe it wasn't my best. When I went to record this one, I knew I had to have songs that excited me. As well as just better songs. If I want to be a pop artist, I have to make catchy songs (1).

You recently said fame adds 10 years. Now you're 20, so what's it like being 30?
Well I feel 40, never mind 30! It feels pretty good though.


Do you like getting older?
I feel like getting older is a privilege, and I'm thankful to have every single day. If I were to be able to live until I'm actually 30 that would be a huge blessing in itself.


How does it feel to be the subject of an intervention? (2) 
That wasn't the only time it had ever happened, I was just really good at manipulating the people around me, telling them I was fine. And then I'd get help in a different way. The first few ones were a little surprising, but the final one was ? expected. And I had no other choice.


Was it a relief?
Yeah. There's a secret relief where you just feel like: "OK, time for somebody else to be taking the reins of my life for me."


If you have a daughter, and if when she's 15 she says "I want to be famous", what will you say?
When people say "I want to be famous ? I want to be a star", you have to ask: "What are your intentions? If you just want to be famous, make a sex tape." So what I'd say is, if you're doing it because you want to be a respected actress or musician, follow your dream. If you just want paparazzi following you, rethink what's going on in your little head. It's crazy how people confuse the two nowadays.


Do you feel a bit jealous that Daft Punk could send out other people to do all their public appearances?
I'm completely jealous of that ? mainly because they could go to a restaurant on a date without people coming up to them and making them feel weird.


That's assuming they don't wear their helmets on dates
That is assuming that, yes.


If you were in a restaurant and your date wore a robot helmet, what would you do?
I would probably leave.


He's a very private celebrity, but do you have any good gossip about Barney? (3) 
Well. Barney the Dinosaur is a dinosaur that is real. I don't know if you're trying to get any gossip about that. But if Barney was fake ? and I'm not confirming or denying that, and I'm not suggesting that I may have had to sign a confidentiality agreement saying I'd never say he wasn't real ? I would imagine him to be very attractive. Because he'd have to be a muscular guy to carry that suit. And he'd happen to also have a really good-looking face. And he may or may not have been my crush when I was growing up working on that show. That's if Barney was fake.


So this hypothetical Barney was really hot?
I'm just saying that if Barney wasn't real that might have been the scenario, but I'm not confirming or denying that.

Who's easier to work with out of Barney and your fellow US X Factor judge Simon Cowell?
Definitely Barney.

Can you confirm or deny that Simon Cowell is real?
I think he is ? I haven't seen a really good-looking muscular guy inside ? [slightly hysterical nervous titter] his, um, suit.

I might start a Kickstarter to fund a new Camp Rock film (4) . How much will you pledge?
Honestly, I probably wouldn't put in any money. In fact I definitely wouldn't. As much as I love Disney Channel and what they've done for me, it's a chapter that's closed. And I'm very glad that it is.

One old Disney bigwig said you had a voice like you'd "swallowed Pat Benatar". Which current pop artist would you most like to eat?
Someone said that? [Laughs] Well, I grew up listening to them so if I could swallow Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera that would be great.

You've put the two best songs from your last album on the end of your new album. Isn't that cheating?

Is it cheating? Or is it smart? That's the real question, my friend.

If I instructed you now to form a girlband with two other female artists, who would you choose as the Kellys and Michelles to your Beyoncé?
It would never happen but I'd form a group featuring me, Miley, Selena and Taylor (5) . That would be pretty epic.

Finally, will you still sing Heart Attack when you're at an age when the risk of heart disease is more acute?
Hopefully I'll stop singing it a long time before then, but yes ? I won't be singing that song in a nursing home any time soon.





CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 10.07.2013 | 23:16

Demi sitt intervju med 104.3 MY fm

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 10.07.2013 | 15:26

Demi snakker om det nye albumet og om Festival

Demi Lovato har ikke en gang fylt 21 år - noe hun gjør 20. august - men hun har likevel sett både den mørke og lyse siden av rampelyset. Etter å ha håndtert psykiske problemer på en måte som er veldig modent for hennes alder, forteller den unge stjernen om oppturer og nedturer på det nye albumet sitt, Demi.

Sangeren tok seg tid til å fortelle oss litt om hvor vanskelig det var å skrive dette albumet og hvordan det har hjulpet henne å håndtere sine egne kamper. 

Hvordan har det å være åpen med fansen hjulpet deg med å skrive på dette albumet?

Jeg har vært ærlig med fansen min siden jeg kom ut av rehab. Først var det skummelt, men etter å ha snakket om det følte jeg at et par kilo ble løftet av skuldrene mine. Mitt nye album er veldig ærlig, fordi jeg skrev det meste av sangene. 

Vil du si at musikk og ditt personlige liv går sammen?

Musikken min er alltid personlig hos meg.

Er det en sang du liker spesielt godt på dette albumet?

Jeg kan ikke velge bare en sang, for jeg liker alle. Jeg er veldig spent for at min nye singel skal bli utgitt, for jeg elsker å synge den sangen. Jeg kan ikke fortelle hvilken sang det er, men du finner det nok ut snart!

Har du noen spesielle ting du må gjøre før du går på scenen?

Jeg ber med bandet mitt.

Hva er favoritt tingene dine å gjøre når du ikke er på scenen?

Sove, se på ID (Investigation Discovery) kanalen og være med venner og familie.

I år kommer du til å opptre på People en Español Festival i San Antonio. Er du like spent som vi er?

Jeg er kjempespent på å få opptre der. Jeg elsker å fremføre for fansen min, spesielt på en så fin festival som dette.

Det er store navn på festivalen i år, som Gloria Estefan, Alejandro Fernández, Wisin og Yandel. Hvem er du mest spent på?

Gloria Estefan er en så ikonisk sanger og det er utrolig å få framføre på samme scene som henne. Jeg er også spent på å se de andre artistene. Det er ikke noe spørsmål, du må gå på festivalen! Ser deg der!

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.07.2013 | 16:43

Flere videoer av Demi som blir intervjuet

Fant ut at det ble så mange videoer, at jeg heller la ut alle (utenom de jeg hadde lagt ut) i et innlegg!

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.07.2013 | 16:41

Demi Lovato Hopes 'Made In The USA' Can Be a Fun Summer Song


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.07.2013 | 16:39

Demi Lovato Reflects on Recording 'Unbroken'

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.07.2013 | 14:46

Demi snakker om sang med Ariana Grande, albumet ++

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 30.06.2013 | 16:04

"Demi Lovato talks about Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers"



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 28.06.2013 | 18:35

GMA intervju - video



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.06.2013 | 17:28

Video fra GMA


Hun er så sterk! - Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.06.2013 | 13:35

".. and why Demi Lovato is better than Selena Gomez"

Trykk HER for å se det. Spol til 04:37!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 20.06.2013 | 19:26

Interview with a Belgium radio station

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 17.06.2013 | 21:43

Demi Lovato talks cleavage (and tips on being a pop star)


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 17.06.2013 | 17:39

B96 Showbiz Shelly Interview


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 20.05.2013 | 19:40

Interview med Ty Bentli


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 19.05.2013 | 11:24

"Demi Lovato: Interview at KISS 108's Kiss Concert (05/18)"



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 18.05.2013 | 18:00

Nightline Interview - 10 things you didn't know



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 14.05.2013 | 19:18

Walmart Soundcheck Interview



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 14.05.2013 | 17:14

Ryan Seacrest Interview

Demi sitt radiointerview

Ryan Seacrest snakker om hvilke sanger som var mest personlige for henne. 



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 14.05.2013 | 11:10





CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 12.05.2013 | 14:44

"Demi Lovato Rocks 102.7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2013 Orange Carpet"



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 12.05.2013 | 10:38

Backstage på Wango Tango



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 12.05.2013 | 10:31





CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 12.05.2013 | 10:24

Backstage ved Wango Tango



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 12.05.2013 | 10:16

Intervjuet ved Wango Tango



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 12.05.2013 | 10:12

Summer Kick Off - backstage



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 11.05.2013 | 09:20

Intervju med Channel 933


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 11.05.2013 | 00:21

Demi ''Talks about changing hair on EllensShow''

Her er en video når demi var på ellen's show. 


Haha, hun er så morsom! 


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 08.05.2013 | 09:58

Kane Show intervjuer Demi



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 08.05.2013 | 09:17

Intervjuet av Hot 99.5 igår



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 06.05.2013 | 17:31

"Demi Lovato - Daybreak Heart Attack Behind the Scenes"



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 06.05.2013 | 13:10

Demi på Daybreak



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 06.05.2013 | 13:09

"Entrevista de Demi Lovato para o Fantástico - 05/05/2013"



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 29.04.2013 | 14:00

Intervju med Garrett




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.04.2013 | 16:30

"In The Hot Seat With Astra ? Demi Lovato"

Klikk HER for å høre det siste intervjuet som er blitt lagt ut av Demi!

Dette ovenfor vil komme opp når dere trykker på linken! 




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 28.02.2013 | 18:45

Nytt intervju


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 28.02.2013 | 15:26

Nytt intervju


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.02.2013 | 23:46

Intervju med Z100

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.02.2013 | 17:03

Demis intervju med Ryan

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 23.02.2013 | 23:13

"Demi Lovato - The Dirt Interview"

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 18.02.2013 | 17:50

"Demi Lovato pushes for Lady Gaga to judge the X Factor"

"Britney Spears is out, Demi Lovato hopes to be in and the singer also has a strong idea of who she wants to join her at the X Factor judging table.


Lovato tells Extra that 2013 will be a busy year for her with music and touring, but if the show asked her to return for season 3, ?I?d say yes.?


With both Spears and L.A. reid departing the struggling series, Demi also weighed in on her ideal panel mate:

?I would love to see Lady Gaga. I don?t know if that is possible or not.?


Gaga does have some free time on her hands at least, as the artist has been forced to cancel her tour due to hip surgery."


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 18.02.2013 | 10:29

Intervju med MTV

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 07.02.2013 | 16:48

Intervjuet fra bladet Cosmo on Campus


Det siste bilde fikk jeg ikke til å laste opp siden oppfører seg helt kuk igjen herregud sorry men jeg blir oppgitt på bildeopplastningen altfor ofte. Uansett så var det ikke et viktig bilde ettersom teksten på bilde er så smått og det er umulig å lese det likevel! Skal se om jeg finner intervjuet mer tydelig.



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.02.2013 | 18:28

Stygg frekt intervju

Tro meg hadde jeg fått tak i denne fyren som stilte henne alle disse idiotiske spørsmålene hadde jeg vridd kuken hans hundre ganger og skylt han nedi dass. Makan til frekkhet...



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.02.2013 | 16:18

Demis første intervju som 12åring



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 01.02.2013 | 19:21

Some interviews






CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 17.01.2013 | 08:41

ZM Online New Interview with Demi

Hør intervjuet HER, også trykker du bare på "play"-knappen :-)

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 27.12.2012 | 20:23

What Surprises Demi About X Factor Co-Judge Britney Spears

Demi Lovato is revealing some of her fab secrets!

In this week's edition of My Life, My Style, the "Give Your Heart A Break" songstress reveals everything from the best party she's ever been to and her biggest accessory splurge to the star whose style she loves and her guilty pleasures!

And she's even talking about her X Factor co-judge Britney Spears! Get a sneak peek below:

I was surprised that my X Factor pal, Britney Spears, is... 
Really funny.

Before I was famous, I never imagined I'd... 
Get to sing with Kelly Clarkson at Madison Square Garden.


A star whose style I love is... Kate Bosworth, because she looks effortlessly cool during the day and really chic at evening events.

Resten av intervjuet vil tydeligvis bli publisert neste uke, så vi poster det da!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 19.12.2012 | 18:13

Demi Lovato Dishes on Her Fellow 'X Factor' Judges


Du var mentor for "young adults" kategorien denne sesongen, hvordan var den opplevelsen? 

Morsomt og spennende, men også veldig stressende. Jeg var overassket over hvor emosjonelt det ble. Det gjør vondt og se de gå, spesielt når jeg ser potensialet deres.

Beskriv de andre dommerene på noen få ord.

Britney Spears er søt og hyggelig, LA Reid er morsom og smart og Simon er irriterende og gammel!

Var det skremmende å være den yngste dommeren?

Ikke i det hele tatt. Det er en ære og og få sitte ved siden av de andre, for de er legender. Men jeg er en sørlig jente med en stor munn, så jeg sier det føler for.

Du jobber med det fjerde albumet. Hva kan fansen forvente? 

Jeg har fått en del sanger skrevet, og det kommer ut til neste år. Jeg kommer til å synge om ting jeg ikke har snakket om før. Jeg vil bare inspirere folk.

Du har snakket åpent om dine tidligere kamper med spiseforstyrrelser og selvskading. Ser du på deg selv som en rollemodell for andre som går gjennom det samme?

Absolutt. Jeg har ingen hemmeligheter om hva jeg har vært gjennom. Det at folk ennå støtter meg etter alle disse feilene jeg har gjort er utrolig. Jeg føler meg som en rollemodell siden jeg har snakket ut om det, og bare vært ærlig og ekte.

Jeg har skrevet dette om fra engelsk til norsk, så jeg hadde satt pris på om ingen kopierte det.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 19.12.2012 | 10:44

Demi i Orlando sentinel

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 18.12.2012 | 20:02

Innsiden av Yes!

Jeg kan ikke tenke meg at dere forstår dette språket, men det er i alle fall innsiden av magasinet Yes! som er et brasiliansk magasin.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 10.12.2012 | 07:54

"I've Made Mistakes During X Factor USA"

Now that she has officially become the first X Factor USA mentor to lose of all her acts, Demi Lovato has admitted that she "made mistakes" but "did the best that [she] could".

CeCe Frey lost out in the public vote last night (December 6), becoming the fourth and final Young Adult hopeful to be eliminated.

Speaking to MTV after the show, Lovato said: "CeCe went home and I'm really, really bummed. It's really disappointing that more people didn't pull through for her when I know she has a really strong fanbase. It's not the last you're going to see of her."

On their friendship, she added: "I'm more sad to see her go because I feel like I developed a really great friendship with her and I genuinely care about her as a person. I'm bummed specifically because I don't want to say bye to her."

Asked if she would do anything differently if given a second shot, she said: "Looking back I think I should have paid more attention in the beginning auditions rather than thinking it's all going to come together towards the end. I feel like I definitely made mistakes but I did the best that I could, there's nothing else I could do better."

The star admitted she is unsure if she will return for another series next year.

"It's just next year if I come back it would be different situation, you never know what can happen," she mused.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 21.11.2012 | 20:12

Demi Lovato talks to The Mash

The Mash recently had the opportunity to talk with Demi Lovato about being the ambassador for the ?Mean Stinks? anti-bullying campaign and more. Here?s the full transcript of what she had to say.


How has your experience being bullied influenced you as an artist?

Demi Lovato: It?s influenced me as an artist because I had to grow up really quickly, therefore I feel like my music has matured as well as I did. I feel like it gave me a lot of strength. I feel like I had to learn how to turn negative things and the negative experiences into lyrics and into songs. So, I think even though it was something that I went through that was horrible I still learned a lot from it and in a way I?m glad that it happened to me.

Do you think those experiences will continue to influence your music?

Demi Lovato: Yes, I think so, definitely. I think that bullying is such a serious topic, and it?s everywhere, and there are so many people that are being affected by it. I just want to have music that, people who are being bullied and people that are in my fan base, that they can turn to, whether it?s to have a really great time and forget about their personal lives, or if it?s to write songs that people can relate to.


What or who got you through that stage in your life, when you were being bullied?

Demi Lovato: I had a lot of people that were supportive in my family, and I had very few friends, but namely it was my mom; my mom was really there for me.


If you saw those kids who used to bully you today what would you say to them?

Demi Lovato: I don?t think I?d say anything, I think I?d see them and just walk past them, I wouldn?t have anything to say to them. At the same time I wouldn?t engage in any drama, or anything like that. It?s just gotten to a point where it?s in my past and it is what it is. I don?t ever think about them, so they don?t have a significant meaning in my life ? If they tried to say ?hi,? I?d be cordial.


What does being the ambassador for ?Mean Stinks? mean to you?

Demi Lovato: ?Mean Stinks? means a lot to me. It?s an incredible campaign that is providing teenage girls the outlet that I needed when I was being bullied. I didn?t know where to turn. I didn?t know what to do, and (if) you go to, they have a website that gives you help hotlines and stories from other girls that have been bullied so you don?t feel alone, and it gives you tips for how to get through it and how to handle that situation.


And we did the ?pinky pledge,? which is us pinky-promising with our friends that we?re not going to bully people. And I think that?s really incredible?it?s not just about not bullying people; everyone knows that bullying is wrong, but what people don?t realize is that even just gossiping with your friends, spreading rumors, even if you?re not doing it intentionally that can lead to bullying. That can lead to a lot of drama, and it?s going to affect someone. So, we?re just trying to teach young girls that they can keep the school year drama free, and hopefully people will see how that reduces a lot of things going on in school.


So do you feel any pressure being a role model to so many girls?

Demi Lovato: I don?t feel any pressure. I am who I am, and what?s really awesome is that I used to feel pressure because I had so many things kept inside of me and now I?ve laid it out on the table. Everyone knows everything that I?ve been through, there?s nothing that I have to hide. It?s a pretty incredible feeling, so I don?t feel any pressure, I am just thankful that people accept me for who I am today.


How do you handle the critics or the mean things that people do still say?

Demi Lovato: If you fight back, you?re wasting your energy. The only thing you can really do is to just let it go and not pay attention to it. There?s ways to avoid hearing what they have to say. When it comes to the opinions of strangers who don?t know you, that?s one thing, if it?s coming from someone that I?m close with that is giving me (criticism) in a positive way, then I?ll listen, but the people who are just mean, I don?t pay attention to.


You have the words ?stay strong? tattooed on your wrist, is that your favorite phrase to live by? If not, what is?

Demi Lovato: That?s pretty much my favorite phrase to live by. I live by another one??Let Go and Let God.? I feel like any time something is out of my control or I feel like is overwhelming for me, I just say, ?you know what God, take it out of my hands, this is for you. I can?t do this,? and just surrender and it?s pretty awesome, but ?stay strong? helps me get through a lot.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 10.11.2012 | 13:21

"Miley Cyrus Is "Too Busy" to Collaborate with Me"

If you?re a fan of divas or Disney or both, then your Lisa Frank planners are already marked in Hello Kitty ink with the news that ex-Mickey Mouse singers Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have been invited to perform on the next ?VH1 Divas Live? set to air this December 16. 

Now you?re head is probably spinning with the possibilities the two could entertain on the stage, so before you lose your head on the image of a ?Party in the U.S.A.? and ?Give Your Heart a Break? mash-up live, we did you a favor and asked Demi if a duet was in the works for the two. 

We caught up with the ?X Factor? judge and asked her straight up if they would do a song together and?it?s not happening! In the near future anyway, and the ?Skyscraper? singer has a guess? 

?I think she is busy with her fiancé,? Demi shared with Stereotude. ?She?s got a lot bigger things to worry about, but I have always wanted to do a song with her!? 

Well, at least there?s still the faint glimmer of hope that it could happen once Miley?s settled in following her ONE wedding?not three as rumored, otherwise then you could really kiss a DeMiley collaboration goodbye because the exhaustion of planning a trio of separate weddings would surely leave the bride-to-be times three out of breath. 

The glamalicious Adam Lambert-hosted show (what he?s already predicting to be ?the most fabulous concert of the year?) will have the two diva lites belting out notes with the likes of Ciara, Kelly Rowland, and Jordin Sparks who will honor dance music icons of the past and present. There?ll also be special segments dedicated to Donna Summer and Whitney Houston. 

Kilde: HER.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 01.11.2012 | 10:46

Nylon Magazine - The insider: Demi Lovato

We all remember when Lindsay Lohan was bullied by Regina George in Mean Girls. They were right: The term "fetch" never did quite catch on, but our favorite Lohan movie does touch on something real: how much girl-to-girl bullying really does suck. Demi Lovato and Secret Deodorant took action against all of that drama by starting their own campaign, "Mean Stinks." Yes, it gives girls a new antiperspirant scent (appropriately named Fearlessly Fresh), but it also empowers young women to "gang up for good." And if you're looking for safe place to talk it out and get support while you through it, there's that too. 


We've already been there and can promise you that mean girls don't finish first?we're all super nice and look how cool we are! Demi told us about how she was bullied, how it affected her and how she pulled through.


How'd you get on board with Secret's anti-bullying campaign?

They approached me because they knew that I?m an activist for anti-bullying. It?s something that I went through myself, and it affected my life, so I wanted to make sure that more people are aware that gossiping and spreading rumors and things like that. Things that girls probably thought was innocent in school actually led to problems that affected me down the road. I actually use Secret, so it was cool that they came to me with this. We both believe in trying to spread the awareness about bullying. We thought it was a perfect opportunity to get the message out there. Even though the campaign is called "Mean Stinks" the deodorant does smell good!


I?m sure you?re so sick of talking about it at this point, but can you tell me about what happened?

Yeah! I was bullied?and I?m not trying to play the victim. When you?re twelve you engage in gossip, rumors, and things like that, so I wasn?t bullied for no reason. I?m sure I was a little brat back then, but no one deserves to be bullied to the extent that I was bullied. They had a ?Demi?s Hate Wall? in the bathroom where they wrote things like, ?Demi is a whore? and ?Demi is a slut.?


Were you bullied by boys or other girls?

It was girls. It was in the girls? bathroom. I think I had just had my first kiss a couple of months prior, so it didn?t make sense. It doesn?t bother me anymore, but they just chased me into a bathroom and had a bashing party. They had a petition and they wrote a bunch of nasty things on a piece of paper so that everyone to sign. It led to other problems down the road. At the time I was really confused as to why I was being bullied, so I just went off the things they were saying about me. I thought, "I guess I?m being bullied because I?m a slut." I actually took those things into consideration because I was so confused as to why this was happening. And one of the reasons why I thought they were bullying me and why I had no friends was because I was called ?fat.? Right after I was bullied, I stopped eating and lost thirty pounds. I got really sick and it?s something that I still have to deal with today. I ended up going into treatment for it when I was eighteen. I don?t think those girls even realized how much they affected me when I was eleven or twelve or how serious. You think that it's just gossip between friends and that it isn't harmful.


Why do you think that bullying has gotten to be this bad?

I think that it?s reached a new level because of cyber bullying. I know a lot of adults who talk about bullying and say, ?we had one mean bully in school.? You can say a lot behind a computer screen that will hurt another person and it?s embarrassing because it?s in front of so many people. So if somebody says something about you on Twitter about you it's out there for the whole grade to see. It also has to do with reality TV shows that are just about fighting.


It creates a culture of bitchiness.

Right?creating a culture of bitchiness. That?s going to influence younger girls who are watching those shows because it teaches them that drama is what?s

exciting. I?ve learned that surrounding myself with positive people and people that don?t engage in any gossip or drama whatsoever?that?s more exciting than having to deal with all of that.


And we?re so fragile at that age, which makes things even more difficult. 

You?re growing up, your body is changing. You don?t really figure out who you are when you?re 12-years-old, but you?re trying to figure out what clique you fit into and who your friends are. I went through tons of different phases: a goth phase, a preppy stage?but now I've figured out who I am. I?ve got a lot of learning to do, but I?m in a good place now.


So you've decided who you are? Who is that person? 

As long as you have a good sense of your morals, what you stand for, how you want to treat other people, what?s important to you, and what you love?then you have it all figured out.


So you decided that you didn't need to label yourself as "goth" or be part of a specific group?

No. It?s not about labels at all. Some days I like to wear all black, some days I like to wear no makeup and look like a Hippie. My style changes. That being said, day-to-day I'm consistent with my morals and the things that I believe in?my passions and my hobbies. And I?m consistent with my friends and family as well.


Have you gotten feedback from any of the girls who have identified you as a role model or whose lives you've impacted?

There?s been girls that I?ve met at concerts and meet-and-greets who have told me that I?ve influenced their lives by being an inspiration?by getting through bulling and letting people know how serious it is. That means the world to me. There?s something about having younger cousins at that age, or other young girls in my life who are at risk of being bullied. I feel very protective over them. I have a little sister, and a cousin who has gone through this stuff. It was incredible that I was able to help them. I?m able to be there for my sister if she?s ever bullied and I?m able to be there for my cousins. I?m just excited to be able to do that.


Has has your music career and fame helped you make the changes you wanted to make?

I have changed and I?m continuing to change. Nobody ever stays the same. So the person that I was six months ago is not the person that I am today. Thankfully it?s just because I?ve continued to work on myself and better myself. I?ve learned more about what?s important to me. I?ve learned that family is more important to me than anything career-wise. I?ve learned my goals. I don?t really like singing certain songs anymore because they?re too pop and they don?t really express who I am musically.


Do you want to switch genres completely? Or do you want to remain pop, but with a more mature sound?

Yeah. It?s still going to be pop. But I want to stay away from EDM [electronic dance music] and the dub step. I want to hear real music instruments on

the radio. I think there?s a way of combining that with catchy hooks. Fun. does it well. So does Gotye and Taylor Swift?there are still instruments in their songs.


What's the one piece of advice you'd give to girls to help them stand up for themselves?

You don't have to stand up for yourself?it's really about turning the other cheek. It's easier said than done, but my mom told me that, and it?s true. When you don?t give them a reaction, they don?t get the satisfaction of hurting you because you don?t show them that it?s hurting you. Go through it, process it, and talk to somebody. But don?t stoop down to their level. Try to turn it into motivation by focusing on your schooling, your favorite hobbies, or your passion. I did that with music when I was bullied. I turned the other cheek. I put all of that negative energy and all of my free time towards becoming a better musician and actress. And here I am today! Focus on the things that you love and maybe one day you?ll end up in the same situation that I did.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 30.10.2012 | 21:11

Demi talks about the blessing and curse of being famous for "People"

The X Factor judge Demi Lovato says being on television is both a "blessing and a curse," but the exposure has allowed her to use her celebrity to help others who have battled problems such as anorexia, bulimia and bipolar disorder. 

"Just as much as it sucks to have tabloids writing about you, at the same time I had all these issues and I was able to raise awareness because I came out publicly with those issues and then I have tons of fans that come up and tell me, 'Oh, I got help with my eating disorder or this because you came out and said it,' " Lovato, 20, recently said at the Billboard/THR Film & TV Music Conference. 

"Had it not been for the publicity and the tabloids or whatever it was, they may not have had a chance to save their own lives," Lovato said of the silver lining her own struggles have brought to her and also fans.

In addition to judging The X Factor, now in is second season on FOX, Lovato brought her own musical skills to game four of the World Series Sunday, where she sang the National Anthem in Detroit. 

Despite an even higher profile since joining The X Factor, where she sits alongside creator Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid as judge, the former Disney star said she's tried to stay away from allowing tabloid gossip to impact her life. 

"I feel like I went through a period in time where I was reading things about me online and as much as it built me up it also plummeted me down and the negative things I believed them, too," Lovato said of coverage. "The word 'celebrity,' I just cringe when I hear it."


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 28.10.2012 | 11:07

Demi sitt intervju med Seventeen

As Secret Deodorant's "Mean Stinks" ambassador, Demi is on a mission to end bullying for good. Seventeen talked to her about being on both sides of the rumor mill and tips for living a drama-free life.


Seventeen: Do you think there are ways girls bully without actually realizing it?


Demi Lovato: Definitely. There were things that I did in middle school that probably contributed to why girls treated me so poorly. I didn't realize I was doing things that were also forms of bullying, like spreading rumors about people and gossiping. Gossip is essentially character assassination. When you spread rumors about someone, it's a way of demoralizing them.


17: How can someone keep from getting caught up in gossip?


DL: I live a pretty drama-free life. None of my friends or I gossip. We don't talk bad about anybody. I think you need to surround yourself with people who don't engage in it! Some people, especially in high school, are addicted to drama. You just need to stay away from those people. Put your energy into following your dreams and doing good!


17: Have you ever been on the recieving end of bullying?


DL: Definitely. I was bullied when I was 12 years old. I'm not saying I was totally innocent ? I had my bratty days! But at the end of the day, no one deserves to be bullied. I ended up leaving public school because the bullying got so bad. I just couldn't deal with it. 


17: Who do you go to and vent to when you hear a rumor about yourself?


DL: I think it's important to have a confidant, and I have a friend who I can vent to about everything. She's someone I trust, and I know she isn't going to repeat anything. She lets me vent, and then says, "OK, we're done. Let's move on."

- Mette


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 28.10.2012 | 10:56

Innsiden av Teen Vogue

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.10.2012 | 07:30

Demi on why she loves "messing" with Simon Cowell and how she's not like Katy Perry

When we met up with Demi Lovato in New York City earlier this month, we had no idea what she'd look like when we arrived. Of course we're very familiar with her work ? and love watching her sass it up to Simon Cowell on "The X Factor" ? but she's become such a hair chameleon this year we weren't sure we'd recognize her. We quickly discovered the 20-year-old is going through a blond phase ? with bangs, no extensions ? when we were brought in to meet her as she sat barefoot curled up on a couch.


 "It's crazy," Lovato tells omg! about life as a blonde. "I never ever thought that I would go blond, but I'm having fun with it." As for the bangs, I just feel like myself again. It reminds me of being 15 again ? when I was doing 'Camp Rock.' I don't know how long I'll keep them, but for the meantime it just makes me feel like myself."


After a difficult few years, which included a much publicized stint in rehab for emotional issues, including cutting and an eating disorder, feeling like herself is an amazing thing. And on "X Factor," she seems right at home as she sits alongside Cowell, Britney Spears, and L.A. Reid critiquing aspiring singers. While the cranky Cowell ? who is 33 years her senior ? could be an intimidating person to go head-to-head with, Lovato seems undaunted when it comes to facing off against her boss. "I love messing with him," Lovato laughs. "He's really funny and I have a lot of fun working with him. But someone has to put him in his place. I mean ? you can't come to the United States from England and make fun of all of us! I have to stand up for my country."


 Something else Lovato is taking a stand against is bullying. She recently partnered up with Secret deodorant for their Mean Stinks campaign, which is an effort to bring an end to girl-on-girl harassment. "Well, it's not a surprise," she says of her involvement. "I've talked a lot about my past experiences. Most of my issues stemmed from the trauma of being bullied when I was 12 years old. I've also known people who have taken their lives because of bullying. It's something I never want to see happen again. So if I can put an end to it, I'm going to do anything I can to stop it."


Part of the campaign involves girls painting their pinky nails blue in a sort of pinky swear promise to end bullying, which led to a conversation about the celebrity nail art trend. Lovato says she's not a fan. "I don't like nail art," she says. "I used to be obsessed ? I'd have a cupcake on one finger and leopard on the other. These days I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to nails. I either wear clear polish, black or dark red ? that's it." So we won't see her next album cover painted on her index finger? "I leave that to Katy Perry," she smiles.


Speaking of her next album, Lovato is hard at work on her fourth one, which will be out next year. What can people expect? "I'm bringing the sound of real music back," she previews, sharing that she has three or four songs completed. "I think Adele does a great job ? they are catchy pop songs, but it's real music and there are instruments. I want to bring a lot of that back. There's going to be some fun, light-hearted songs with kind of a throwback sound. But I say one thing and then I spend like a month in the studio and it ends up being totally different, so I don't know," she laughs.


So how does Lovato find time to balance all her projects with maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-treatment? "I make time," Lovato says, sounding much older than her years. "I'm a really dedicated person. And I know that if I work really, really hard now, I can get to the place that I want to be in my career so that maybe in a couple years ? or whenever I make it to that level ? I can take a break." What would she do? "Travel the world. Spend a ton of time with my family. Maybe start a family," she says, shooting out ideas fast and furiously before quickly adding, "Years and years down the road."


Sounds like after a rocky road, she's got things figured out. 


Funnet HER.


- Mette


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 20.10.2012 | 20:04

"Demi Lovato Interview: JJJ Exclusive!"

"Check out our exclusive interview with Demi Lovato!

The former Disney star and current X-Factor judge recently chatted with us about her past struggles with bullying and how she?s turning the bad experience into something positive.

Plus, she let?s us in on some secrets pertaining to a possible collaboration with pop princess Britney Spears, and her current celebrity crush ? which surprisingly isn?t One Direction?s Niall Horan.


Keep reading to see what other secrets Demi told us?


JJJ: Congrats on being Mean Stinks newest ambassador! Because you?ve been personally affected by bullying, were you excited to take on this new role? DL: Yes! They actually came to me and were like, "Hey, would you like to be part of this? We know this is something close to your heart" And of course I was like "Absolutely" I´m really thankful that they asked me, because it´s opened my eyes even more to how many people bullying is affecting and how many people are being inspired by this program to really go out and make a difference in their schools and not just talk about it, but actually work towards.


JJJ: For those that aren´t as familiar with your story, can you share some of the struggles you faced as a middle schooler? DL: Well, I was bullied growing up and it got so bad that I started being home schooling. I think a lot of it had to do with just the interaction that us girls can have when we?re that young and we?re all insecure and people start gossiping.

JJJ: Did you ever find yourself gossiping as a way of trying to fit in? DL: You know, I´m not saying that I´m completely innocent either, I´d be lying if I said I never gossiped back then, but it´s very important to try to encourage a message now to not get involved in gossip or spread rumors and be involved in drama. I think that´s what led to the bullying and things like that. Of course it got out of control and that´s why I started home schooling.


JJJ: Seeing how you were bullied at such a young age, who did you turn to for help when you were going through everything? DL: My mom. I got through it because she encouraged me to just turn the other cheek. It was so hard to do at first and I really didn´t want to do it, but you know after experiencing people trying to get a reaction from you, of you don?t give in to that then they don´t get any satisfaction from it. If they know they can´t hurt you anymore then they won?t do it.


JJJ: We heard your peers would write hate petitions and have CD-bashing parties of your demos. That´s not true is it? DL: It is. I think it happened when I was 11-years-old. I found out one day after they all called me and told me about it. I´d get these voicemails that said things like, "You suck at singing" and then they´d tell me about the parties they had where they´d make fun of my songs and break a bunch of my demo CDs [for fun].


JJJ: That sounds so hurtful! DL: Looking back, now it just seems immature and silly, but back then it really hurt me because I was young and had really low self-esteem. You know I was dealing with stuff like that and it just wasn´t easy back then.


JJJ: Despite all the hardships you went through growing up, you´ve become such a positive role model and we love seeing you as a judge on The X Factor! How would you describe each of your fellow judges in one word? DL: Thanks! Hmmm? I would say that Britney is corky or funny, L.A. is smooth, and for Simon I would say old! (Laughs)


JJJ: If you were auditioning for the show, what song would you sing? DL: It wouldn?t be Mary J. Blige´s "I´m Going Down" It would not be Bruno Mars "Grenade", and it wouldn´t be one of Britney´s songs. I don´t know, maybe I´d sing a Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson song.


JJJ: Nice, so you definitely wouldn´t hold anything back if you were trying out then? DL: I´d want to showcase my vocals and attitude at the same time!


JJJ: Do you think someone on your team´s going to win? DL: I know someone from my team´s going to win! I have the best category and I´m so excited about it! I have a lot of confidence in the group that I have.


JJJ: Is there any chance you and Britney would ever collaborate on a song together? DL: I would love to! That would be so exciting. There´s nothing planned, but I´m putting it out there!


JJJ: Nick Jonas was recently your guest mentor on The X-Factor. Are you looking forward to his and his brothers? new music? DL: Yeah, I´m really excited! I can´t wait to hear wait and support it. We´ve been through a lot together. We met when I was 14-years-old so after being friends for so long it´s just nice to see where we both are at this point in our lives. I´ll always support them and I´ll always be happy for them.


JJJ: Speaking of music, what can fans expect on your upcoming album? DL:I´m having so much fun writing the music write now! I just write two songs this past week that are more lighthearted and funnier.


JJJ: So your new tracks will be a bit on the comedic side? DL:They have some funny lyrics, but great beats so you don´t really notice at first and will be like, "wait, did she just say that?" (Laughs).


JJJ: We can´t wait to hear them! How does this album compare to your past ones? DL: I think this album is going to be a lot better. I´m trying to stay away from the dubstep and dance music because I just want to bring instruments back into the picture when it comes to pop radio. I want people to really enjoy my music because it´s actually music.


JJJ: Recently, everyone´s been linking you to One Direction´s Niall Horan. Who would you say your celeb crush is at the moment? DL: (Laughs) My celebrity crush right now? I´m in love with Channing Tatum! He´s so cute! He actually lives in the same city that I do in Texas, or he did, so when I first met his wife Jenna we were able to talk about that. It was pretty cool. So yeah, he´s adorable and I´m really glad he has a cute wife!


JJJ: That´s so sweet! Do you have a favorite One Direction track? DL: The one that´s like (sings) "Get out, get out" I don´t know what it´s called, but that one, yeah.


JJJ: You´ve spoken a lot about wanting to be single right now, but do you have any advice for fans who always get first date jitters? DL: I mean it´s hard, because when you really like someone there´s not much you can do when your hands get sweaty and you get nervous. You know there´s been times when no matter how long I´ve been with a person it´s not just the first date jitters that I get - I get them like two years later!


JJJ: That can be a good thing though. DL: Yeah, it´s a great thing! So you should just be yourself and have fun [when going on a first date] and use extra deodorant (laughs) and make sure your nose doesn´t have anything in it!


JJJ: Thanks so much for chatting with us! DL: Thank you!"




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 16.10.2012 | 15:52

"Demi Lovato Talks Defeating Bullies and X Factor!"




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 12.10.2012 | 17:24

Intervjuet fra Good Day NY

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 09.10.2012 | 13:41

Intervjuet med "Jimmy Kimmel Live"




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 09.10.2012 | 11:20

Full Interview for "Teen Vogue"!

With a hit single, a fresh look, and a new gig alongside fellow Disney alum Britney Spears as an X Factor judge, Demi Lovato finds her place in the sun.

On the day after her song "Give Your Heart a Break" officially became her first-ever number one single, Demi Lovato is making a whirlwind visit to New York City to appear on three TV shows, participate in a mini junket to promote her gig as a mentor/judge alongside Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, and Britney Spears on The X Factor, and, finally, give her Teen Vogue interview, which?because she's due back in Los Angeles that very evening?takes place in the back of a luxury SUV as it speeds toward Teterboro Airport. By all rights, she should be exhausted. But the New Mexico?born, Texas-raised 20-year-old seems anything but as she talks about the superpacked schedule she's been keeping over the past few months. "The amount of success that I've had, even just in the last six months, is incredible to me," Demi says. Read on for her thoughts about music, boys, and the importance of being real.

Q: So, you hesitated when Simon offered him the chance to join The X Factor? Or you just got completely excited to do it? 

A: It was something that did not need to even think! Before I received the offer, I was sitting in a meeting feeling very discouraged [about my career], wishing I was earlier. And I decided that I needed to stop thinking about what I would like to have and start thinking about what I would have. I was ready for something new, and I wanted to put this out in the universe ... and then he called, literally, a week and a half later.

Q: That's kind of scary! 

A: It is. I was nine years old when the American Idol debuted, and I remember thinking, I've been waiting all this time and working on my career and now I'm sitting on a bench with Simon.

Q: And with Britney! How is she? You must have inspired her when you were getting...

A: Yes, she was one of the first concerts I went to. She is amazing. She is an icon that I did not know what to expect, but I was thrilled to discover that she is very sweet and funny and quirky. We had fun. We are two girls in the program, so we're always laughing together, and we kind of have each other.

Q: Still, you're still a bit young to be a mentor. What kind of advice do you give to your competitors?

A: It's much more than being a talented singer. I'll help them prepare mentally for everything that is to come, as all these things that happened to me recently, I really attribute the partly the work I've done myself. In the second I became more focused and aware of who I am, my performances have improved and easier to relate to people. For a long time, I was pretending to be someone I was not, and I was unhappy. When I opened it and said, "I'm human, I have problems, but I'm willing to share them," was when I started to really connect. I started working on my fourth album, and I want to make it in the music too. I'm tired of songs that do not have a lot of emotion in them.

Q: The way you're talking suggests something like an album full of ballads. Is that what you mean?

A: No. I love the way that Adele has carved his way to a singer who is very emotional, but I also love how Taylor Swift can do the same thing - it puts a lot of emotion in their songs while they are still very 'gum'. I'd say I'm tired of all the dubstep that is on the radio now - I think it will be out in two months. I want to make something that people will listen for a while, rather than something that will just be trendy. I feel like I grew as a person, and I want my music to grow with me.

Q: Two years ago, you left a tour and went to rehab. What are you doing now to ensure that you stay healthy? 

A: Obviously, I sleep like right, I exercise, and meditate. And even when I'm filming or on tour, I keep my routine. I know I can not lose my therapy appointments or things will be a little more difficult, so I always put my recovery first.

Q: It's hard to look good on you have to say 'no' to things? 

A: It's something I had to learn. I always worked very hard, and many of the opportunities I had were encouraging. But I'm still grateful to have started work so early, because I dreamed about it for a long time, and maybe I would not have the same opportunities if I had expected.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you're not filming, touring or recording?

A: I'm constantly busy, but I make sure to spend time with my friends and my family. I did a bit of a cleanup in my friends after rehabilitation, in which I left aside people who had my best interests at heart. Now I have friends who love me for who I am and do not care about what I'm doing. Most of them are not in the industry. Some of them do not even know my songs!

Q: And yet, you still have some friends in the industry. For example, there are some rumors about you and Niall Horan of One Direction. 

A: He's an amazing guy and really sweet. But he's not my boyfriend ... I'm in a time now where I really need to focus on myself. Obviously, I'll keep enjoying people - or loving - but I need not be in a relationship for a while because I need to be okay with being alone, first. I'm really happy now. I never thought it was possible to be happy because of how I was depressed my entire life. But I feel very good. It's like I'm living in a dream.

- Mette


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 07.10.2012 | 20:03

"I'm Proud of my Culture and Ethnicity"

Demi Lovato on being Latina:
Demi always honors her roots and where she comes from.

The 20-year-old star is having one of the best year's in her career thanks to her chart-topping track, "Give Your Heart a Break." Demi is also ruling the judge's table on X Factor, which she shares with Simon Cowell, LA Reid, and Britney Spears. 

Back in Latina's December/January issue, the Texan native spoke to us about what she loved most about being Latina. ?Latina culture means warm family gatherings, special stories and a bond that I love to experience."

She continued, "I feel so much love and comfort when I?m with [the Latino] side of my family.  It makes me proud of my culture and my ethnicity.?

Demi is expected to release the first single off of her fourth studio album this November.

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 07.10.2012 | 10:28

"Jeg hadde en slags opprydning i vennene mine"

I en alder av 20 er Demi Lovato to år ute av rehab og er nå dommer i X Factor. Hun forteller i neste måneds Teen Vogue hvordan hun holder ting sammen.


"Jeg gjorde en slags venneopprydding rett etter rehab hvor jeg plukket ut de som ikke hadde noen interesse for meg fra hjertet" sier hun. "Nå har jeg venner som liker meg for hvem jeg er og som ikke bryr seg om hva jeg gjør... Noen av dem vet ikke en gang sangene mine!"


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.10.2012 | 18:12

Demi sitt intervju med MixTv

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 29.09.2012 | 19:15

Demi's radiointervju med "Virgin Radio 95.3"

For å høre intervjuet kan du trykke HER også trykker du på "play" knappen under bildet av Demi!

Intervjuet er fra 26.september og hun snakker med en fyr kalt Scooter på radiokanalen Virgin Radio 95.3. De snakker om X Factor!


- Gjesteblogger Mette


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Demi på Katie Couric show

Her er hele interviewet fra Katie Couric show. Litt bedre lydkvalitet på dette


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 25.09.2012 | 07:53

intervjuet med katie couric - video


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 11.09.2012 | 20:55

"Demi & LA reid - The Insider Interview"


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 09.09.2012 | 16:25

intervjuet om x factor


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 09.09.2012 | 15:58

telefonintervjuet med z100

Klikk HER for å komme til telefonintervjuet Demi hadde med Z100! 


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 08.09.2012 | 17:48

vma backstage intervju

Hei, her er intervjuet som Demi gjorde backstage på VMA. 

Trykk på linken!




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 08.09.2012 | 15:01

"katie" preview

Her er et lite klipp fra intervjuet med Demi fra det nye ABC showet "Katie" (trykk på linken).



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 08.09.2012 | 13:05

nytt intervju

Da Demi var backstage på MTV's VMA, ble hun intervjuet av noen reportere.

Hun ble spurt om hvordan det er å jobbe med Simon Cowell og Britney Spears under X Factor;


om Simon:

"Well, you know, I think he's a bit of an asshole. I am joking," she quickly laughed. "We have so much fun together. He is amazing. He has given me an amazing opportunity. We like to tease each other and go back and forth, but behind stage, we actually love each other."

om Britney:

"Working with someone that I idolize is absolutely a dream come true."


Hun ble også spurt om hun hadde noen tips til Mariah Carey som har blitt ny American Idol dommer;

"I can't give any advice to Mariah Carey," she laughed. ?That would just be silly. I am still new at judging myself, so I really can?t give anyone advice."


Hun la til dette om hvem hun syntes burde være dommer sammen med Mariah Carey; 


"Who I would like to see on American Idol would be Nick Jonas," she said. "I heard he was in the running."


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 06.09.2012 | 23:29

telefonintervju med z100

For en times tid siden ca. hadde Demi et telefonintervju med Z100. Jeg har enda ikke fått noe link til hvor vi kan lytte til intervjuet, og det gikk heller ikke an å høre det direkte fordi vi bor utenfor USA.. Men jeg skal legge ut hvis det kommer noe! I løpet av dette intervjuet sa hun ihvertfall "I don't like it when guys cry, like grow some balls and stop crying" - det er alt jeg vet! 

Bilder fra sist gang hun var i studioet til Z100, da gjorde hun en Live Chat der!


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 06.09.2012 | 15:58

intervju med 94.1 FM

Klikk HER for å komme til intervjuet Demi hadde med 94.1 FM! 

Denne siden vil dere komme til for å se intervjuet!


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 06.09.2012 | 15:52

på 'late night with jimmy fallon' - video



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 05.09.2012 | 16:15

intervju med today show - video


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.09.2012 | 15:10

intervju med saturday night online

Klikk HER for å komme til intervjuet Demi hadde med Saturday Night Online igår! 


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 29.08.2012 | 16:04

intervju på KDWB radiostasjon

Her har dere noen bilder fra når Demi ble intervjuet på KDWB radiostasjon igår! Under dette intervjuet sa Demi at hun har 2 måneder til å jobbe med albumet hennes etter VMA's, og at hun håpet på å slippe en ny singel i desember!! 


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 25.08.2012 | 20:39

nytt intervju

"Demi Lovato may be single, but she is not ready to mingle! Over the past two years, the 20-year-old pop star has been open about her struggles with eating disorders and mental health issues. And though she says it's been "smooth sailing" lately, she's still too focused on her health to worry about dating. "It doesn?t matter how frickin' good-looking you are, or funny, or how in love with them I am," she tells iVillage exclusively. "Right now, there?s nobody more important to me than myself and my recovery." But just because she's not going on dates doesn't mean she's not keeping busy. Lovato has a new seat on the X Factor judging panel, and she's also a mentor for the Acuvue 1-Day Contest. When iVillage caught up with her, she dished about what it's like to mentor young girls, why she doesn't feel pressure to be a role model and what it's really like to work with Britney Spears."

Why did you want to be a mentor for the Acuvue 1-Day Contest? I wanted to be a mentor because it?s a great opportunity to help someone come out of their shell and make them feel more confident and comfortable with going after their dreams. It was a great opportunity to give back. I had a lot of fun doing it. So many young girls look up to you.

Does that ever feel like a lot of pressure? It used to feel like a lot of pressure because I wasn?t really honest with everyone. I feel like it?s not a lot of pressure when you?re just being yourself and you?re telling the truth about things. I had issues that I was dealing with in privacy, and I was doing things that normal teenagers go through. But I definitely didn?t feel like a role model at the time. Now that I?ve talked about the issues that I?ve dealt with, I feel that I?ve been very honest and open. When people still call me an inspiration after that, I don?t feel pressured at all. I really am just being myself with everyone, and when people accept me for who I am, it feels really, really great. Last month, you said you were on a dating hiatus.

What would a guy have to do to change your mind? There?s actually nothing that a guy can do to change my mind right now. It doesn?t matter how frickin' good-looking you are, or funny, or how in love with them I am. Right now, there?s nobody more important to me than myself and my recovery. I think that?s a thing that a lot of young girls need to remember. There's no one more important than themselves, especially when it comes to girls that are in their late teens or early teens and are trying to figure out who they are. It?s really easy to be influenced by a guy that you like, and this is a period of time when you need to figure out yourself. That?s what I?m doing right now.

You've been really open about your health issues in the past. Are you feeling good now? It?s been an up-and-down roller coaster. It hasn?t been totally perfect since I got out of treatment, and I?d be lying if I told you that it has. But at this moment right now, and for a while now, it?s been smooth sailing. I feel like I?m just cruising and having a really amazing time in life. I wouldn?t have been able to make it through a summer tour while hosting the Teen Choice Awards and doing X Factor at the same time if I wasn?t in a healthy state of mind. I don?t really necessarily have an update, but I think that kind of proves itself.

The new season of The X Factor premieres on Sept. 12. How has your experience been so far? The experience so far has been so much fun. It doesn?t feel like work at all, and I just have had so much fun working with Britney and Simon and L.A. We all get along really, really great, and it?s a lot of fun getting to see new talent and people with a lot of potential to be superstars.

There was a clip of Britney doling out some criticism on the show, and Simon recently called her mean. Is she really a mean judge? He?s totally joking! With this show, there?s not really the mean one, the nice one, the funny one -- we don?t have the typical panel of judges. I think we?re all really honest and sometimes it can come off as mean. We also joke around, and we like to have a lot of fun. There?s definitely been times when me and Britney have said no to people when Simon and L.A. say yes. We just have a different view on pop stars and celebrities because we?re in the pop industry ourselves. Simon and L.A. know a lot, for sure -- but from an artist?s point of view, I feel maybe I?m more critical of the people on stage. For instance, if they say, "Oh, I didn?t have time to practice enough" or "I only got two hours of sleep," I think I?m a little bit more critical. I?m like, "If you want to make it in this industry, you sometimes don?t even get to sleep at night."

There are no excuses. Is it ever hard to reject people? Of course. You?re kind of shattering someone?s dreams. When they?ve made it that far and you?re telling them no, it?s really difficult to watch. And I?ve had to let go of some really great people because there?s been a huge amount of really talented people and only a specific number could get through. We are very excited with the talent that we have, but of course it?s difficult to let people go -- especially when they?re older and this is their last chance to make it.

Would you say it helps or hurts a contestant when they sing one of your songs? I think that it doesn?t really hurt or help. At the end of the day, it doesn?t matter if it?s my song or somebody else?s. If they do a great job on it then they deserve to go through, and if they don?t then it's not meant to be. I think it hurts a lot of the contestants when they sing a Britney song, though. You just can?t do a Britney song. You won?t do it justice. There?s only one Britney Spears and she has a very unique voice. You can't top her.

As the two female judges, have you and Britney been bonding? When we?re sitting on the panel and passing notes, we have a lot of fun. So I guess, yeah, a little bit. But I?m still getting to know her and hopefully someday we can hang out off-camera. But I know that we?re both super, super busy.

If you had to be a contestant on a reality show, which one would you choose? I always wanted to be on Survivor. Out in the wild, stripped down to barely any food, having to work for everything and trying to survive with your basic instincts. I think that?d be a really cool experience.

School is starting again. Do you have any embarrassing back-to-school memories from when you were a kid? I do! I have a back-to-school memory when I was running in the hallway, which, you know, you should never do. But I was running in the hallway and I was trying to get to second period or something like that, and I just completely busted ass. Like, fell in front of everybody. Obviously I?m a really clumsy person. I fall all the time on stage, and I feel like it?s not an official tour unless I fall during one concert. So, yes, I totally wiped out and it was really funny. And I just made a pose and threw my hands up in the air and said, ?Ta-da!? People kind of just laughed instead of making fun of me, which was cool.

So you're off men for now, but have you ever had a celebrity crush? My first celebrity crush? I guess I?ve always just liked older guys, because my first celebrity crush was Leonardo DiCaprio when I was 5.

Ali Gray is iVillage's Senior Associate Entertainment Editor. Follow her on Twitter: @thealigray


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hva skjer mellom Niall og Demi?

Demi sa at de bare var venner, men One Direction's Niall Horan innrømmet at han har en liten forelskelse på henne. Så hva er egentlig greia mellom de to?

Seventeen: Selv om du sa at du og Niall Horan bare var venner, så kalte han deg hans "drømmejente". Så, hva skjer egentlig mellom dere?
Demi: Jeg synes Niall er super, kjempe søt og vi har blitt gode venner. Jeg vet hvordan det er å være i rampelyset, siden jeg vokste opp i det. Jeg vil introdusere alle guttene i One Direction til Usa, og spesielt Niall siden han ikke har vært her så mye. Jeg vil være sikker på at han (eller hvem som helst av dem egentlig, jeg bare kjenner dem ikke like godt) har noen og henge med i Usa. Han er veldig søt, og det er alltid veldig flatterende når en gutt sier han har en liten forelskelse i deg. Men, jeg er i ett stadie nå hvor jeg ikke dater. Jeg har ikke datet på en lang stund. Du vet aldri hva fremtiden bringer, selvfølgelig, men nå er jeg en selvstendig kvinne og stolt av det!

Dette var da fra ett intervju Demi hadde med Seventeen Magazine. 



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intervju med teen

While promoting her partnership with Acuvue?s 1-Day contest, we caught up with the one and only? Demi Lovato! Obviously, we got her to spill on her newest project ? alongside other celebrity mentors Tyler Blackburn, Meaghan Martin and Joe Jonas ? but that?s not all. We got the scoop on her recent performance with Nick Jonas, her X Factor gig, and her feelings on Glee and PLL. Yeah, we think you?re gonna like this Q&A. Just a bit.

Teen: What was the Acuvue 1-Day mentorship experience like? Demi: It was really cool. I got to work with somebody and help them follow their dream and bring them out of their shell, try to get them to feel more confident in who they are. It was really great to be able to do that for somebody because I really wish I had somebody to do that for me when I was younger. It was really great and Acuvue is an incredible brand to work with. They?re really super sweet and have the best contacts on the planet. I?ve been wearing their contacts for years now and they?re the best.

Teen: It seemed really awesome how you got to show her behind stage. Do you wish you could do that with all of your fans at some point? Demi: Yeah, I wish I could. I think my all fans would be a little impossible, but I could help give tips and things like that. Confidence is key. [My fans are] insane. That?s in a good way. They have my back no matter what.

Teen: We interviewed Tyler Blackburn about Acuvue, too. Are you a Pretty Little Liars fan? Demi: I?ve never seen it, but I?ve read the first two books. I?m the type of person who doesn?t want to start a show in the middle of the first season because I feel like I need to know all the background and all the history and stuff like that. So, I haven?t seen it. I really want to! I think I?m going to download all the seasons on iTunes and just watch them within two weeks or something.

Teen: Speaking of TV, we heard that your music is going to be on Glee! Demi: You know, I actually don?t know about that. If I am, that would be a complete honor. It?s really cool. You know you have a popular song when it?s on Glee. It?s awesome.

Teen: Let?s talk about your style. It seems like you?ve been wearing the bun a lot. Demi: Yeah, I?m just taking risks, trying out new things and trying to keep it fun and fresh. It?s always fun to experiment with different hair colors. I change my style and my looks so much. I get so bored easily. I?m just playing around right now.

Teen: Do you find that you do the top knot a lot because it?s convenient or do you just like that a lot? Demi: I don?t really wear it that often. I?m just kidding I?m wearing it right now. It?s really easy to me to have your hair up, especially in the summer time. It?s hot out. When you have long hair, it can get really tangly and it?s just really messy and a lot to deal with, so I like to keep it up as much as possible and I like the top knot. I think it?s fun and it?s trendy right now.

Teen: We saw your video with Nick Jonas performing at The Greek! How did that come about? Demi: It was really great. I reconnected with him recently and you know we had such a special friendship and he?s just an incredible friend. There?s nobody like him in my life that I felt connected to through music. We work really great together. Sometimes I feel like he?s the male version of me, which is pretty funny, but, like, not crazy. Yeah, we just have a really great friendship, so when he came to my concert we hadn?t seen each other in a really long time and I was like, ?Hey I know we haven?t seen each other in a while, but if you want I think it would be really fun for us to go out on stage together just like old times.? And he was like, ?For sure!? It was really cool.

Teen: So what is happening with The X Factor? Demi: You will actually see it on September 12. That?s the premiere date for the season and I think it?s going to be really awesome. The layout is different, so it?s unlike any other reality show singing competition on TV right now. It?s also young and fresh and a lot more exciting.

Teen: Are you nervous at all? Demi: Of course I?m nervous! I had such a great time and I?m also really confident in how the show was going in auditions and stuff like that. I don?t feel like I need to be nervous, but of course you are when you have a new project coming out.


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dolly-magazine artikkelen


Q: YOU?VE BEEN TOURING IN THE U.S, ANY PLANS TO COME DOWN UNDER FOR SOME SHOWS? A: ?There are no definite plans, but I?d love to come down to Australia!?

Q: TELL US ABOUT WORKING ON THE X FACTOR USA. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE THE ONE DOING THE JUDGING? A: ?I?m having fun for sure, but it?s a big responsibility. Some auditions are good and some are bad, but it takes a lot of guts for someone to come out on that stage in front of the judges and the audience. You have to appreciate that. But some people just don?t have ?it?, that x X-factor we?re looking for, and you need that to make it in this business. You have to tell them, it?s not fair otherwise?.

Q: WHAT?S IT LIKE WORKING WITH BRITNEY SPEARS? ARE YOU A FAN? A: ?It?s amazing, I?ve been such a huge fan of Britney all along, It?s an honour to work with such an icon of pop music. Not only is she sweet, as everybody knows, but she?s also incredibly funny, which I think will surprise some people?.

Q: YOU?RE VIEWED AS A ROLE MODEL BY GIRLS, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE YOU?RE SO OPEN ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS. HOW DOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT? A: ?There were not many people out there discussing the issues I was dealing with and I felt like there was a stigma around it. I?m glad I get to shine a light on issues that a lot of teens, and also adults, deal with every day, but a lot of people are scared to talk about?.

Q: IT WAS ALL AROUND THE NEWS THAT YOU WERE IN REHAB FOR SELF-HARMING AND AN EATING DISORDER. WERE YOU EXPECTING THE ATTENTION? A: ?At first I didn?t want anyone to know about it, but then I realised they were going to find out anyway so (I thought) I might as well be honest. Once I started to open up I saw that I could help people by talking about my issues and it really helped the healing process?.


Q: WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE GIRLS WHO ARE STRUGGLING WITH THEIR OWN BODY IMAGE ISSUES? A: ?You have to speak out, you have to let someone know what you?re dealing with. Talking about it is so important?.

Q: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR BODY? IS IT DIFFICULT TO STAY CONFIDENT IN YOUR INDUSTRY? A: ?I feel good but I have to work at it. It?s not easy. You have to remind yourself that there?s not one type of beautiful?.

Q: NOW THAT YOUR LITTLE SIS IS IN THE SPOTLIGHT, WHAT ADVICE HAVE YOU GIVEN HER? A: ?I just try to be a good role model and set an example for her?.

Q: WHAT SHE SHOULD LEARN FROM YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES? A: ?I want her to be confident in her own skin and to know how amazing she is?.

Q: WAS IT SCARY LEAVING REHAB? WERE YOU WORRIED ABOUT YOUR FANS NOT WELCOMING YOU BACK? A: ?It was very scary leaving treatmen; I had no idea if I?d still have a career. But it didn?t take long to realise my fans were with me, and they had been all long. Every day I was in there working on myself they were writing ?stay strong? on their wrists to show they supported me. I got the phrase tattoed on my own wrist to thank them for sticking by me?.

Q: WE HEAR YOU HAVE NINE TATTOOS. WHAT DO THEY SYMBOLISE? A: ?They have different meanings to me. I love them, but I?m taking a break for a while?.

Q: WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR BEING CONFIDENT AROUND GUYS? A: ?You have to love yourself first. Confidence comes from that?.

Q: WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A RELATIONSHIP? A: ?They have to be funny, without a doubt. I love to joke around costantly, so a sense of humour is so important to me?.

Q: WHAT DO YOU GET UP TO WHEN YOU HAVE SPARE TIME? A: ?I watch TV with family and friends. I love crime shows. I go out to dinner with my friends. Sometimes it?s just nice to hang out with them without having to ?do? anything?.

Right now my fave..

- Food is.. ?I?m crazy about juices at the moment, like from a real juice press. They taste so good and they?re great for you?.

- Person to follow on twitter is.. ?@/TheXFactorUSA - obviously!?.

-Item of clothing in my wardrobe is.. ?I?m loving jean shorts with studs and anything neon?.

- Movie is.. ?I don?t have one favourite movie, but I watched Jackass 3,5 last night and almost died from laughing so hard?.

- City is.. ?Dallas because that?s where I?m from?.

- Book is.. ?The Hunger Games or anything about aliens. I?m reading a book called Area 51 right now, it?s so crazy!?



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saturday night online


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svar fra SELF magazine

Q: How have your friends helped you get healthy? @laurabrounstein A: "I surround myself with people who make positive decisions and who have more interests than wanting to go to clubs and get wasted. My friends and I look out for each other, and I love just inviting everyone over to watch TV. I like Law & Order?except it makes me want to go out and inspect everyone on the street to see if they're a serial killer!"

Q: What's it like being the youngest judge on X Factor? @Thelexarlexie A: "It's so much fun! I root for everyone. I mean, it's not the best feeling when you're watching someone and cringing. But when a person's confidence is magnetic, I don't even have to hear her to think, Oh, this girl has got something."

Q: How do you stay strong and fit? @LucyDanziger A: "I work out five or six days a week for my peace of mind, not to lose weight. I switch it up, I run a few miles or bike from Santa Monica to Marina del Ray. I also love boxing or, when I'm sore, yoga. Sometimes, I'll do full out meditations where I can chant with my instructor. It helps me connect to how I'm feeling."

Q: What did you learn in rehab? @10ddlovato A: "I've spent the past two years getting over an eating disorder and issues like self-harming and bipolar disorder. Unlike a person who doesn't have these problems, I have to work on this stuff every day. I'm reminded of that whenever I eat or feel down."

Q: Why did you go public about your eating disorder? @jackierisser A: "When I was younger, stick-figure thin was in and nobody was talking about eating disorders. I want girls to know that it's OK when they grow up and their body changes. I want them to be aware that certain things they might do to lose weight can be dangerous?life-threatening, even."

Q: People never talk about cutting. Can you explain it? @SELFmagazine A: "There were times I felt so anxious, almost like I was crawling out of my skin, that if I didn't do something physical to match the way I felt inside, I would explode. I cut myself to take my mind off that. I just didn't care what happened. I had no fear."

Q: How was it to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder? @pauladerrow A: "Finding out I had a real emotional disorder helped me put together the pieces of the puzzle. I remember being on my tour bus thinking, my life is so awesome right now, but I'm so depressed. Then, a few days later, I'd be on top of the world. It was really confusing. When I got diagnosed, my life made more sense."

Q: What do you do when you feel bad? @javistaystrong A: "I had a really hard day this week. I was traveling and I didn't eat healthy or exercise. When I'm tired I get irritable and frustrated. I used to rule out certain days like 'Ugh, today has been so bad, I wish it were over.' Now I know it can get better."

Q: How does it feel to be a spokesperson for Love is Louder [the anti-bullying movement]? @RespectLovato A: "When I was 12, I was bullied. It wasn't physical, but sometimes I'd say to the girls, 'Hit me! What you're doing verbally and online is so much worse.' That's when a lot of my issues spiraled out of control. The things they called me will stick with me for life. But going through that also made me stronger. Mean comments don't affect me the same way because I'm more confident. If I read something where someone calls me a bitch, I know I'm not, so I laugh at it."

Q: Are you in a much happier place than in the past? @niallsdotebabby A: "Definitely. You can choose to work toward happiness or not. I used to expect it to come to me, but it takes more than seeing a therapist once a week. I make time for myself and meditate. And I haven't used my cell in three months! Subconsciously, it was a crutch. When a room gets quiet, what do you do? Grab your phone! Now I can sit and have conversations with people."


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intervju med ryan seacrets

Klikk HER for å hør hva de snakker om! Ryan Seacrets ser dere ovenfor, bilde ble tatt i fjor! 


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intervju med Liz

Her er hele intervjuet med Liz fra Much Music, la ut en sneakpeak fra intervjuet for en ukes tid siden men dette er altså hele intervjuet! 


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sneakpeak fra nytt intervju

Videoen ovenfor her ser dere en liten sneak peak fra et nytt intervju med Liz fra Much Music. Hele intervjuet kommer ut 11.juli!