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I en artikkel MTV postet på nettsiden sin, kan du lese om sangen(e) til Nick og Demi.

Du husker vel instagram bilde Demi la ut for et par uker siden, der hun bekreftet en duet med noen.

Senere ble det bekreftet at personen hun hadde laget et sang med, var Nick Jonas.

I denne linken kan du lese mer om sangen, og om de kommende sangene deres sammen.

"She and I recorded a song that, um, I think is beautiful.

It`s not necessarily a love song. It`s so easy to do a duet that`s a love song because our relationship

isn`t really that. But there is love there for a friend, you know, and it`s beautiful to just talk about"







CATEGORY: Staying Strong utdrag | 30.07.2014 | 16:28

Staying Strong, 29.juli

July 29th.


"Always have hope. The best feeling in the world is knowing that there are infinite possibilities." - Anonymous.


In our darkest hours there?s always a ray of light to be seen and a kennel of hope to be found.

Grab onto that hope and let the excitement of all possibilities motivate you.

Goal: When you?re down, search for the glimmer of hope inside you and let your mind

run wild with the promise of what?s to come. 



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Really Don't Care