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Flere gamle bilder



CATEGORY: Demi med... | 31.10.2012 | 16:49

Demi og Miley


Som dere kanskje husker postet jeg et innlegg noen uker tilbake hvor jeg sa vi skal begynne å poste bilder av Demi med en kjent kjendis hver uke, siden det var nemlig en leser som ønsket det! Denne uken som dere ser ovenfor, valgte jeg Miley! Har lagd kollasjen selv! 


CATEGORY: X Factor | 31.10.2012 | 08:03

"Demi Lovato & L.A. Reid Video Q&A"

DEL 1:




DEL 3:  



CATEGORY: X Factor | 31.10.2012 | 07:59

"Demi Transforms Her Young Adults - THE X FACTOR USA"




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"#wewantdemilovatoinitaly" trender

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CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 30.10.2012 | 21:11

Demi talks about the blessing and curse of being famous for "People"

The X Factor judge Demi Lovato says being on television is both a "blessing and a curse," but the exposure has allowed her to use her celebrity to help others who have battled problems such as anorexia, bulimia and bipolar disorder. 

"Just as much as it sucks to have tabloids writing about you, at the same time I had all these issues and I was able to raise awareness because I came out publicly with those issues and then I have tons of fans that come up and tell me, 'Oh, I got help with my eating disorder or this because you came out and said it,' " Lovato, 20, recently said at the Billboard/THR Film & TV Music Conference. 

"Had it not been for the publicity and the tabloids or whatever it was, they may not have had a chance to save their own lives," Lovato said of the silver lining her own struggles have brought to her and also fans.

In addition to judging The X Factor, now in is second season on FOX, Lovato brought her own musical skills to game four of the World Series Sunday, where she sang the National Anthem in Detroit. 

Despite an even higher profile since joining The X Factor, where she sits alongside creator Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid as judge, the former Disney star said she's tried to stay away from allowing tabloid gossip to impact her life. 

"I feel like I went through a period in time where I was reading things about me online and as much as it built me up it also plummeted me down and the negative things I believed them, too," Lovato said of coverage. "The word 'celebrity,' I just cringe when I hear it."


- Mette

CATEGORY: Informasjon | 30.10.2012 | 20:09

Norges største Demi fanside på Facebook

Klikk HER for å komme til Norges største Demi fanside på Facebook! 



CATEGORY: Bilder | 30.10.2012 | 17:27

Just some flawless pics



Og bare sier at det vil bli mye mer motiverende for oss som blogger til å fortsette å blogge bra hvis dere kommenterer mere! 

CATEGORY: Bilder | 30.10.2012 | 14:26

Demi har reblogget bilder på Tumblr


Det er tre dager siden hun reblogget det øverste, to dager siden hun reblogget det i midten og det siste reblogget hun i går. Tumblr'en hennes er


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CATEGORY: X Factor | 30.10.2012 | 14:22

X Factor Commercial 10/28

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CATEGORY: Bilder | 30.10.2012 | 11:52

Demi arriving to LAX airport - October 28th #4

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CATEGORY: Bilder | 30.10.2012 | 11:50

Demi arriving to LAX airport - October 28th #3

- Mette

CATEGORY: Videoer | 29.10.2012 | 17:53

Demi on the Rachael Ray Show

Veldig dårlig kvalitet, men dere hører hva de sier!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 29.10.2012 | 17:52

Demi arriving to LAX airport - October 28th #2

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CATEGORY: Bilder | 29.10.2012 | 17:51

Demi arriving to LAX airport - October 28th #1

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CATEGORY: Videoer | 29.10.2012 | 17:03

Demi Lovato being harassed by paparazzi

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CATEGORY: Informasjon | 29.10.2012 | 16:31

Meld dere inn i "NORWAY NEEDS DEMI" arrangementet

Dere som er interesserte i å være med å prøve å trende "Norway Needs Demi" på Twitter, 4.november (som er på førstkommende søndag!!) - meld dere inn i arrangementet på Facebook HER



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CATEGORY: Videoer | 29.10.2012 | 08:49

Demi Spotted At The Detroit Airport After National Anthem

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Bilder fra National Anthem fremføringen



CATEGORY: News | 29.10.2012 | 07:35

Demi synger National Anthem




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Tweet fra moren


CATEGORY: Bilder | 28.10.2012 | 22:50

cartoon version


CATEGORY: Tweets | 28.10.2012 | 19:36


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Ny tweet!

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CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 28.10.2012 | 16:16

Flere bilder av Demi som opptrer på We Day

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 28.10.2012 | 16:05

To nye bilder av Demi som opptrer på We Day

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CATEGORY: News | 28.10.2012 | 15:04

Ny facebookoppdatering

Søta, haha!


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"#DemiPleaseGiveConcertInTurkey" trender

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CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 28.10.2012 | 11:07

Demi sitt intervju med Seventeen

As Secret Deodorant's "Mean Stinks" ambassador, Demi is on a mission to end bullying for good. Seventeen talked to her about being on both sides of the rumor mill and tips for living a drama-free life.


Seventeen: Do you think there are ways girls bully without actually realizing it?


Demi Lovato: Definitely. There were things that I did in middle school that probably contributed to why girls treated me so poorly. I didn't realize I was doing things that were also forms of bullying, like spreading rumors about people and gossiping. Gossip is essentially character assassination. When you spread rumors about someone, it's a way of demoralizing them.


17: How can someone keep from getting caught up in gossip?


DL: I live a pretty drama-free life. None of my friends or I gossip. We don't talk bad about anybody. I think you need to surround yourself with people who don't engage in it! Some people, especially in high school, are addicted to drama. You just need to stay away from those people. Put your energy into following your dreams and doing good!


17: Have you ever been on the recieving end of bullying?


DL: Definitely. I was bullied when I was 12 years old. I'm not saying I was totally innocent ? I had my bratty days! But at the end of the day, no one deserves to be bullied. I ended up leaving public school because the bullying got so bad. I just couldn't deal with it. 


17: Who do you go to and vent to when you hear a rumor about yourself?


DL: I think it's important to have a confidant, and I have a friend who I can vent to about everything. She's someone I trust, and I know she isn't going to repeat anything. She lets me vent, and then says, "OK, we're done. Let's move on."

- Mette


CATEGORY: Bilder | 28.10.2012 | 11:02

Demi at the backstage of We day #2

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 28.10.2012 | 10:59

Demi at the backstage of We day #1

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 28.10.2012 | 10:56

Innsiden av Teen Vogue

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CATEGORY: Bilder | 27.10.2012 | 22:57

New pictures of Demi at The Haunted Hayride


- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 27.10.2012 | 19:58

Demi har 10 millioner followers på Twitter!

Så stolt av henne!!


- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 27.10.2012 | 19:38

Stem på GYHAB som årets beste video på Fuse

Stem HER!

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CATEGORY: Videoer | 27.10.2012 | 19:36

Demi Lovato Announces!

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 27.10.2012 | 15:02

Demi på Rachel Ray Show

Det er fra Rachel Ray show som ble spilt inn 11.oktober. Det kommer til å bli vist på mandag.

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 27.10.2012 | 12:04

Nytt bilde av Demi og noen intervjuere

- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 26.10.2012 | 21:23

Ny facebookoppdatering


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CATEGORY: News | 26.10.2012 | 19:26

Demi skal synge nasjonalsangen på World Series kampen 28.oktober

Demi Lovato, Zooey Deschannel og Matthew Morrison skal synge nasjonalsangen på World Series kampen dette året. Morrison sang på den andre kampen som var på torsdag kveld, Zooey kommer til å synge på den tredje kampen som er på lørdag og Demi kommer til å synge på søndag kveld (28.oktober)


Demi har sunget nasjonalsangen (for USA) der to ganger før, en gang i 2008 og en gang i 2011:




- Mette

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CATEGORY: News | 26.10.2012 | 15:27

We Can't Stop Talking About Demi's "X Factor" Look

There have been many buzz-worthy moments on the X Factor so far, but we've been slightly distracted by something else: Demi Lovato's gorgeous hair and makeup on the show. The girl looks flawless (suppose it helps that she's 20 and has fabulous skin), and we really can't stop staring.

So what's her secret? Aside from that awesome complexion, it's her hair and makeup team: Johnny Stuntz and Jill Powell.

"I pick out what I want to wear - makeup, nail polish," Lovato recently told PEOPLE. But Stuntz and Powell provide that extra oomph.

"She has great personal style, and we just draw on that," Stuntz tells PEOPLE. "She just really represents what a 20-year-old girl is like right now. She's just really young and hip."

Powell agrees. "She's a chameleon - she can do anything with her hair and makeup," she adds.

To get Lovato's complexion really glowing, Powell usually starts with a bit of concealer and a BB cream, "or a really hydrating foundation to keep her skin aglow," she says. There's also a lot of experimentation, especially with her lip colors. ?She likes to change her look a lot - it's fantastic," Powell shares. "She embraces new trends, so oftentimes I'll show her something and she'll be like, "Oh my god I love it," and then we try it."

One particularly memorable look came early in the season, when Lovato appeared quite natural save for winged black eyeliner, soft pink blush and a matching lip (similar to the photo above). "Her hair was changing so much that we wanted to calm the makeup down a bit," Powell explains. Brows (fuller) and lashes (more natural) were a focus, as well ? but everything had to stay in place under those bright lights.

"There's a fine line because you want everything to be waterproof and stay for a 15-hour shoot, but you want it to look natural the whole time, too," Powell explains. "But the day I did the pink look, she cried, and I was watching and was like, "Yes, nothing moved!""

Funnet HER.


- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 26.10.2012 | 08:28

Demi Lovato: Super Cool Chick

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 26.10.2012 | 08:25

Emblem3 talking about Demi Lovato

Spol til 5:40 for å komme til hvor de snakker om Demi.


- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 26.10.2012 | 08:23

Q&A with "X Factor" judges L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 26.10.2012 | 07:30

Demi on why she loves "messing" with Simon Cowell and how she's not like Katy Perry

When we met up with Demi Lovato in New York City earlier this month, we had no idea what she'd look like when we arrived. Of course we're very familiar with her work ? and love watching her sass it up to Simon Cowell on "The X Factor" ? but she's become such a hair chameleon this year we weren't sure we'd recognize her. We quickly discovered the 20-year-old is going through a blond phase ? with bangs, no extensions ? when we were brought in to meet her as she sat barefoot curled up on a couch.


 "It's crazy," Lovato tells omg! about life as a blonde. "I never ever thought that I would go blond, but I'm having fun with it." As for the bangs, I just feel like myself again. It reminds me of being 15 again ? when I was doing 'Camp Rock.' I don't know how long I'll keep them, but for the meantime it just makes me feel like myself."


After a difficult few years, which included a much publicized stint in rehab for emotional issues, including cutting and an eating disorder, feeling like herself is an amazing thing. And on "X Factor," she seems right at home as she sits alongside Cowell, Britney Spears, and L.A. Reid critiquing aspiring singers. While the cranky Cowell ? who is 33 years her senior ? could be an intimidating person to go head-to-head with, Lovato seems undaunted when it comes to facing off against her boss. "I love messing with him," Lovato laughs. "He's really funny and I have a lot of fun working with him. But someone has to put him in his place. I mean ? you can't come to the United States from England and make fun of all of us! I have to stand up for my country."


 Something else Lovato is taking a stand against is bullying. She recently partnered up with Secret deodorant for their Mean Stinks campaign, which is an effort to bring an end to girl-on-girl harassment. "Well, it's not a surprise," she says of her involvement. "I've talked a lot about my past experiences. Most of my issues stemmed from the trauma of being bullied when I was 12 years old. I've also known people who have taken their lives because of bullying. It's something I never want to see happen again. So if I can put an end to it, I'm going to do anything I can to stop it."


Part of the campaign involves girls painting their pinky nails blue in a sort of pinky swear promise to end bullying, which led to a conversation about the celebrity nail art trend. Lovato says she's not a fan. "I don't like nail art," she says. "I used to be obsessed ? I'd have a cupcake on one finger and leopard on the other. These days I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to nails. I either wear clear polish, black or dark red ? that's it." So we won't see her next album cover painted on her index finger? "I leave that to Katy Perry," she smiles.


Speaking of her next album, Lovato is hard at work on her fourth one, which will be out next year. What can people expect? "I'm bringing the sound of real music back," she previews, sharing that she has three or four songs completed. "I think Adele does a great job ? they are catchy pop songs, but it's real music and there are instruments. I want to bring a lot of that back. There's going to be some fun, light-hearted songs with kind of a throwback sound. But I say one thing and then I spend like a month in the studio and it ends up being totally different, so I don't know," she laughs.


So how does Lovato find time to balance all her projects with maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-treatment? "I make time," Lovato says, sounding much older than her years. "I'm a really dedicated person. And I know that if I work really, really hard now, I can get to the place that I want to be in my career so that maybe in a couple years ? or whenever I make it to that level ? I can take a break." What would she do? "Travel the world. Spend a ton of time with my family. Maybe start a family," she says, shooting out ideas fast and furiously before quickly adding, "Years and years down the road."


Sounds like after a rocky road, she's got things figured out. 


Funnet HER.


- Mette


CATEGORY: X Factor | 25.10.2012 | 22:46

På billboard konferanse #2


CATEGORY: X Factor | 25.10.2012 | 22:42

På billboard konferanse #1


Så må jeg bare beklage for nok en gang sen oppdatering, men jeg er opptatt med skuespilløvinger til sent på kvelden hver dag frem til helgen nå, fordi da er det nemlig premiere på dette skuespillet! Har jo to andre som skal hjelpe til også, men ja.. sorry, det kommer når det kommer, blir bedre etter helgen fra min side! 




CATEGORY: Bilder | 25.10.2012 | 22:38

Demi on the carpet

@billboard: ?A blonde @ddlovato on the carpet at Billboard?s #FilmTVConf #lovatics?


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 25.10.2012 | 22:37

Demi og LA Reid på Billboard konferanse

- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 25.10.2012 | 11:39

Ny tweet

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CATEGORY: Bilder | 25.10.2012 | 11:37

Nytt bilde av Demi

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 25.10.2012 | 11:37

Nytt bilde av Demi med gruppen sin

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 24.10.2012 | 22:22

Demi med kategorien sin




CATEGORY: X Factor | 24.10.2012 | 22:20

"Live Shows, Here We Come! - THE X FACTOR USA"



CATEGORY: X Factor | 24.10.2012 | 22:18

Nye X Factor bilder



CATEGORY: Tweets | 24.10.2012 | 07:32

Nye tweets


CATEGORY: News | 23.10.2012 | 15:22


Vi alle vil vel se dette se dette igjen så stem HER


CATEGORY: News | 23.10.2012 | 12:14

Ny "Voto Latino" promo



CATEGORY: Bilder | 22.10.2012 | 18:14

some things never change

- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 22.10.2012 | 15:12

Nye tweets



CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 22.10.2012 | 08:18

Flere bilder av Demi ved We Day




CATEGORY: Trender | 21.10.2012 | 22:28

"Lovatics Loves Demi" trender

- Mette

CATEGORY: Trender | 21.10.2012 | 20:47

"We Love Diley And Semi" trender

Diley står for Demi og Miley og Semi står for Selena og Demi.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Informasjon | 21.10.2012 | 18:31


Jeg og Negme (en av bloggerne) har bestemt oss for å planlegge en Demi parade i Norge, i 2013! Den vil mest sannsynlig bli i påskeferien(som er i begynnelsen av april), men ingenting er helt sikkert enda! Hvis noen av dere er interesserte trykk HER for å melde dere inn i Demi parade gruppen på Facebook!



CATEGORY: Demi med... | 21.10.2012 | 16:48

Demi og Justin



Ettersom det er noen som ønsker at vi skal poste bilder av Demi med andre kjente kjendiser så kan vi godt begynne med det! Kan prøve å få postet et innlegg med en kjendis hver uke, starter nå og som dere ser ovenfor starter jeg med bilder av Demi og Justin ilag.




CATEGORY: Informasjon | 21.10.2012 | 09:01




CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 21.10.2012 | 08:05

Demi med Lauren ved We Day



CATEGORY: Informasjon | 20.10.2012 | 20:51

"Norway Needs Demi" skal prøves å trende...

...4. NOVEMBER!!!

Les her:

Dere som er interesserte og vil prøve å trende dette med meg og flere Lovatics, prøv å sette av litt tid denne dagen til å prøve å trende det! Jeg VET det krever mange for å faktisk få til en trend av det, men prøver vi ikke får vi ihvertfall det ikke til.. Håper mange av dere joiner, og gjerne del bilde videre!



CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 20.10.2012 | 20:04

"Demi Lovato Interview: JJJ Exclusive!"

"Check out our exclusive interview with Demi Lovato!

The former Disney star and current X-Factor judge recently chatted with us about her past struggles with bullying and how she?s turning the bad experience into something positive.

Plus, she let?s us in on some secrets pertaining to a possible collaboration with pop princess Britney Spears, and her current celebrity crush ? which surprisingly isn?t One Direction?s Niall Horan.


Keep reading to see what other secrets Demi told us?


JJJ: Congrats on being Mean Stinks newest ambassador! Because you?ve been personally affected by bullying, were you excited to take on this new role? DL: Yes! They actually came to me and were like, "Hey, would you like to be part of this? We know this is something close to your heart" And of course I was like "Absolutely" I´m really thankful that they asked me, because it´s opened my eyes even more to how many people bullying is affecting and how many people are being inspired by this program to really go out and make a difference in their schools and not just talk about it, but actually work towards.


JJJ: For those that aren´t as familiar with your story, can you share some of the struggles you faced as a middle schooler? DL: Well, I was bullied growing up and it got so bad that I started being home schooling. I think a lot of it had to do with just the interaction that us girls can have when we?re that young and we?re all insecure and people start gossiping.

JJJ: Did you ever find yourself gossiping as a way of trying to fit in? DL: You know, I´m not saying that I´m completely innocent either, I´d be lying if I said I never gossiped back then, but it´s very important to try to encourage a message now to not get involved in gossip or spread rumors and be involved in drama. I think that´s what led to the bullying and things like that. Of course it got out of control and that´s why I started home schooling.


JJJ: Seeing how you were bullied at such a young age, who did you turn to for help when you were going through everything? DL: My mom. I got through it because she encouraged me to just turn the other cheek. It was so hard to do at first and I really didn´t want to do it, but you know after experiencing people trying to get a reaction from you, of you don?t give in to that then they don´t get any satisfaction from it. If they know they can´t hurt you anymore then they won?t do it.


JJJ: We heard your peers would write hate petitions and have CD-bashing parties of your demos. That´s not true is it? DL: It is. I think it happened when I was 11-years-old. I found out one day after they all called me and told me about it. I´d get these voicemails that said things like, "You suck at singing" and then they´d tell me about the parties they had where they´d make fun of my songs and break a bunch of my demo CDs [for fun].


JJJ: That sounds so hurtful! DL: Looking back, now it just seems immature and silly, but back then it really hurt me because I was young and had really low self-esteem. You know I was dealing with stuff like that and it just wasn´t easy back then.


JJJ: Despite all the hardships you went through growing up, you´ve become such a positive role model and we love seeing you as a judge on The X Factor! How would you describe each of your fellow judges in one word? DL: Thanks! Hmmm? I would say that Britney is corky or funny, L.A. is smooth, and for Simon I would say old! (Laughs)


JJJ: If you were auditioning for the show, what song would you sing? DL: It wouldn?t be Mary J. Blige´s "I´m Going Down" It would not be Bruno Mars "Grenade", and it wouldn´t be one of Britney´s songs. I don´t know, maybe I´d sing a Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson song.


JJJ: Nice, so you definitely wouldn´t hold anything back if you were trying out then? DL: I´d want to showcase my vocals and attitude at the same time!


JJJ: Do you think someone on your team´s going to win? DL: I know someone from my team´s going to win! I have the best category and I´m so excited about it! I have a lot of confidence in the group that I have.


JJJ: Is there any chance you and Britney would ever collaborate on a song together? DL: I would love to! That would be so exciting. There´s nothing planned, but I´m putting it out there!


JJJ: Nick Jonas was recently your guest mentor on The X-Factor. Are you looking forward to his and his brothers? new music? DL: Yeah, I´m really excited! I can´t wait to hear wait and support it. We´ve been through a lot together. We met when I was 14-years-old so after being friends for so long it´s just nice to see where we both are at this point in our lives. I´ll always support them and I´ll always be happy for them.


JJJ: Speaking of music, what can fans expect on your upcoming album? DL:I´m having so much fun writing the music write now! I just write two songs this past week that are more lighthearted and funnier.


JJJ: So your new tracks will be a bit on the comedic side? DL:They have some funny lyrics, but great beats so you don´t really notice at first and will be like, "wait, did she just say that?" (Laughs).


JJJ: We can´t wait to hear them! How does this album compare to your past ones? DL: I think this album is going to be a lot better. I´m trying to stay away from the dubstep and dance music because I just want to bring instruments back into the picture when it comes to pop radio. I want people to really enjoy my music because it´s actually music.


JJJ: Recently, everyone´s been linking you to One Direction´s Niall Horan. Who would you say your celeb crush is at the moment? DL: (Laughs) My celebrity crush right now? I´m in love with Channing Tatum! He´s so cute! He actually lives in the same city that I do in Texas, or he did, so when I first met his wife Jenna we were able to talk about that. It was pretty cool. So yeah, he´s adorable and I´m really glad he has a cute wife!


JJJ: That´s so sweet! Do you have a favorite One Direction track? DL: The one that´s like (sings) "Get out, get out" I don´t know what it´s called, but that one, yeah.


JJJ: You´ve spoken a lot about wanting to be single right now, but do you have any advice for fans who always get first date jitters? DL: I mean it´s hard, because when you really like someone there´s not much you can do when your hands get sweaty and you get nervous. You know there´s been times when no matter how long I´ve been with a person it´s not just the first date jitters that I get - I get them like two years later!


JJJ: That can be a good thing though. DL: Yeah, it´s a great thing! So you should just be yourself and have fun [when going on a first date] and use extra deodorant (laughs) and make sure your nose doesn´t have anything in it!


JJJ: Thanks so much for chatting with us! DL: Thank you!"




CATEGORY: Bilder | 20.10.2012 | 19:56

Det var mye som skjulte seg bak et perfekt men falskt smil


CATEGORY: Bilder | 20.10.2012 | 19:41

A wish for Lovatics



CATEGORY: Bilder | 20.10.2012 | 12:15

Demi with fans at We Day

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 20.10.2012 | 12:13

Demi Lovato Talks Tattoos

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 20.10.2012 | 12:13

Demi Lovato's Hairy Situation

- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 20.10.2012 | 09:22


Vet ikke om alt i videoen stemmer helt, men ihvertfall noe av det gjør det!



CATEGORY: News | 20.10.2012 | 00:02





CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 19.10.2012 | 21:00

Demi ved We Day Vancouver 2012 #5



CATEGORY: Informasjon | 19.10.2012 | 19:06

Om meg


Ville bare informere dere om at jeg skal blogge her. Jeg heter Negme og er 15 år gammel fra Oslo, jeg har alltid likt demi, men ble ikke lovatic før Demi kom ut av rehab.

Jeg skal skrive historie,altså fanfiction, så jeg lurte på om hvordan historie dere ville ha? Drama? Krim? Kjærlighet? And so on. 

Bilde av meg om noen lurte på hvordan jeg ser ut. 



CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 19.10.2012 | 15:42

Demi ved We Day Vancouver 2012 #4



CATEGORY: Bilder | 19.10.2012 | 07:45

Enda et bilde fra Horror Nights



CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 19.10.2012 | 07:44

Demi fremfører ved We Day

Ikke den beste kvaliteten men video er videooo!




CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 19.10.2012 | 07:42

Demi ved We Day Vancouver 2012 #3

Demi og Jesse Giddings backstage ved We Day igår!


Følg med i neste innlegg for videoen fra gårsdagens fremføring!



CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 19.10.2012 | 07:38

Demi ved We Day Vancouver 2012 #2


Kommer flere bilder i neste innlegg!




CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 19.10.2012 | 07:34

Demi ved We Day Vancouver 2012 #1

Igår var Demi ved "We Day Vancouver 2012" og fremførte GYHAB! Flere bilder kommer i neste innlegg, har også en video!



CATEGORY: Trender | 18.10.2012 | 21:41

"Demetria Our Little Princess" trender

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 18.10.2012 | 20:29




CATEGORY: News | 18.10.2012 | 18:35

Alli Simpson har Teen Vogue bladet med Demi på forsiden

Alli er lillesøsteren til Cody Simpson. 


- Mette

CATEGORY: Informasjon | 18.10.2012 | 07:58

Dette er ikke sant så lenge...

...Demi ikke har sagt noe! Hvis dere ser på dette nedenfor... ja. Ikke tro på noe av det som ikke Demi har bekreftet eller noen som jobber for henne! Forresten så er disse bildene fra en photoshoot hun har hatt en rolle i fra en serie eller noe lignende.



CATEGORY: Tweets | 18.10.2012 | 07:55

Jillian tweetet Demi


CATEGORY: X Factor | 18.10.2012 | 07:42

Nytt X Factor bilde



CATEGORY: Tweets | 18.10.2012 | 07:35

Ny tweet

Det hun tweetet var altså videoen ovenfor her! TOO CUTE



CATEGORY: X Factor | 17.10.2012 | 21:40

Ny X Factor video

For meg ser det veldig ut som Demi sier at Jillian må dra hjem, håper jeg tar veldig feil...



CATEGORY: X Factor | 17.10.2012 | 21:08

Nye bilder fra X Factor



CATEGORY: Bilder | 17.10.2012 | 16:48

With brown hair



CATEGORY: Bilder | 17.10.2012 | 16:38

"Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect"



CATEGORY: Tweets | 17.10.2012 | 15:47

Ny retweet + nytt Twitter ikon



CATEGORY: News | 17.10.2012 | 15:42

#3YearsBounce idag

Idag er det 3 år siden låten "Bounce" kom ut!



CATEGORY: Bilder | 16.10.2012 | 23:17

Nye bilder av Demi med venner på Haunted Hayride

Crazyyy haha




CATEGORY: Tweets | 16.10.2012 | 15:55

Ny tweet


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 16.10.2012 | 15:52

"Demi Lovato Talks Defeating Bullies and X Factor!"




CATEGORY: News | 16.10.2012 | 11:33

Ny facebookoppdatering

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 16.10.2012 | 07:40

Voto Latino - nye bilder



CATEGORY: X Factor | 16.10.2012 | 07:37

Nytt X Factor promo

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="700" height="400" allowscriptacce



CATEGORY: Bilder | 16.10.2012 | 07:36

Nytt bilde av Demi med venner på Haunted Hayride



CATEGORY: Videoer | 15.10.2012 | 17:35

Demi sitt intervju med PopSugar

- Mette

CATEGORY: Trender | 15.10.2012 | 16:37

"Excited For Demi´s New Single"

"Excited For Demi´s New Single" trender på Twitter akkurat nå!



CATEGORY: Tweets | 15.10.2012 | 10:39

Ny tweet

- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 15.10.2012 | 08:47

Mitch Allan twitrer om det å jobbe med Demi

Han har blant annet skrevet om et par sanger fra Camp Rock som Demi har vært med i.


- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 15.10.2012 | 07:49

"Demi Lovato 4th Album Details!"



CATEGORY: News | 14.10.2012 | 23:36

Innsiden av Teen Vogue magasinet


CATEGORY: Bilder | 14.10.2012 | 22:18

Når hun var i London...

Dette bilde er fra når Demi var i London tidligere i år.. Husker det var når jeg hadde påskeferie(rundt 3.april). Husker det var noe som hindret at jeg ikke dro dit, århhh jeg skulle så gjerne ha vært der........




CATEGORY: Trender | 14.10.2012 | 22:10


#LovaticsAreProudOfDemetria trender akkurat nå!



CATEGORY: Bilder | 14.10.2012 | 21:21

Enda et nytt bilde av Demi og vennene på Haunted Hayride

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 14.10.2012 | 21:04

Nytt bilde av Demi og vennene på Haunted Hayride

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 14.10.2012 | 20:16

Nytt bilde av Demi

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 14.10.2012 | 20:15

Demi and friends at Haunted Hayride

- Mette

CATEGORY: Trender | 14.10.2012 | 19:02

"Demi For Grammy" trender

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 14.10.2012 | 17:15

X Factor USA premiere i Norge!!!

Ville bare informere dere om at X Factor USA endelig skal begynne å sendes i Norge! Det har premiere førstkommende torsdag, 18.oktober klokken 20.00 på TV2 Bliss. ENDELIG får vi se Demi på norsk TV, og i flere uker fremover!!!


CATEGORY: Bilder | 14.10.2012 | 14:29

tilbakeblikk på konsertbilder



CATEGORY: Trender | 14.10.2012 | 12:02

"#WeNeedDemiForTurkey" trender

- Mette

CATEGORY: Videoer | 13.10.2012 | 22:25

Demi holder inn en 13 SEKUNDER lang note

DETTE ER EEE SYKT. I denne videoen holder Demi inn en 13 SEKUNDER lang note. Neste personen som sier hun ikke er talentfull!!!!!!!!!! Say hello to the sharks idiot



CATEGORY: Bilder | 13.10.2012 | 21:14

Flere bilder fra LAX - del 2

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 13.10.2012 | 21:05

Flere bilder fra LAX

- Mette

CATEGORY: Trender | 13.10.2012 | 20:15


Akkurat nå prøver jeg og flere Lovatics å trende "LovaticsWantStayStrongOnDVD", håper det blir til en trend!! MTV har sagt at de skulle ordne med det for en veldig god stund siden, men vi har ikke hørt noe mer fra dem, så..


CATEGORY: Videoer | 13.10.2012 | 16:59

Niall snakker om Demi

Spol til 03:09 om du vil se der han begynner å snakke om henne.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Trender | 13.10.2012 | 16:55

"Happy Lovatics By Aunt Pam" trender

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 13.10.2012 | 14:11

"Now I believe in me"

Dette er en av mine favorittsanger. 



Så må jeg si sorry for dårlig blogging fra min side de to siste dagene men jeg har vært bortreist, meen jeg er hjemme igjen nå! 

CATEGORY: News | 13.10.2012 | 10:05

Demi Reveals Her Favorite "X Factor" Contestant

Demi Lovato revealed her personal favorite on ?The X Factor? when had an exclusive sit down with her on October 11! Keep reading to see who she?s rooting for and watch video! 

Demi Lovato, 20, is mentoring the ?Young Adults? on Season 2 of The X Factor ? four talented ladies and two talented guys. Although she?s partial to the contestents in her group, she told us there is one person who definitely stands out! 

When we asked Demi, do you have any favorites or someone in particular you are rooting for? 

She responded, ?Of course, I?m rooting for the people in my category but in particular probably the one I?m rooting for the most may be Jennel Garcia. She?s amazing!? 

Demi?s group also includes CeCe Frey, Willie Jones, Nick Youngerman, Paige Thomas and Jillian Jensen. 

Watch the Young Adults:


- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 13.10.2012 | 10:00

Cher Lloyd snakker om Demi

In an interview with MTV, the British singer Cher Lloyd Demi talked about working on the program 'The X Factor USA'. " I do not give much good advice but I definitely would say to her be who she is and be true, "Lloyd told MTV News. " These people are in this talent show, and you have your dreams in your hands. So make wise decisions . "

While promoting her new album Sticks & Stones, Lloyd follows the X Factor USA . And though both teams have just been announced during the two-hour episode of the fourth, already sees Lloyd promises of musical sensations .

"I do not know Demi before, "she explained. "I feel like, for me, it seems like a true artist , and I think Britney will always be Britney. She was great before and is fine now. "

If she could get the chance to return to their days of X Factor, Cher Lloyd said the four jurors, she would rather be with Demi Lovato as a mentor.

"I have a strong feeling that she understands what people like my age, you know, as we want to progress, and I think that's why she was chosen as a juror."


- Mette


CATEGORY: Videoer | 13.10.2012 | 09:42

Demi arriving at a Office Building Rocking in NYC

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 13.10.2012 | 09:41

Demi på LAX

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 12.10.2012 | 20:31


Verdens nydeligste!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 12.10.2012 | 17:25

Demi i New York - del 4

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 12.10.2012 | 17:24

Intervjuet fra Good Day NY

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 12.10.2012 | 17:21

Demi i New York - del 3

- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 12.10.2012 | 16:08

Ny tweet

- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 12.10.2012 | 09:13

Nye tweets


Det første bildet hun la med: (As bummed as I was to miss the JB concert, I have to say -..)


Det andre bildet hun la ut av seg selv:


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 12.10.2012 | 09:11

Demi med en fan

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 12.10.2012 | 09:10

Demi at the Cambio livechat

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 12.10.2012 | 09:09

Demi i New York - del 2

 - Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 12.10.2012 | 09:08

Demi i New York

- Mette

CATEGORY: Videoer | 11.10.2012 | 23:00

Demi sine musikkvideoer



Tenkte å legge ut musikkvideoene Demi har og er med i! Føler jeg har glemt en eller to, men kommer ikke på det akkurat nå... Hvilken er din favoritt?


- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 11.10.2012 | 22:47

Ny tweet fra Demi til Simon

Hahaha, herregud Demi!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 11.10.2012 | 22:08

"Throwback Thursday!"


- Mette 

CATEGORY: Bilder | 11.10.2012 | 22:07

Nytt bilde fra et intervju med PopSugar i dag

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 11.10.2012 | 20:28

Demi & Nick Welcome Young Adults

- Mette

CATEGORY: Trender | 11.10.2012 | 20:13

"Demi Levato" trender

Tydeligvis trender det fordi de snakket om Demi på grunn av Niall i et fransk program og da sa de Lovato sånn. 


- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 11.10.2012 | 20:03

Demi skal på Rachael Ray Show i dag - send inn ditt spørsmål

Send inn ditt spørsmål på Twitter til @RachaelRayShow på Twitter!


- Mette


CATEGORY: News | 11.10.2012 | 19:33

Demi skal være på "Good Day NY" i morgen


Vet ikke når hun skal være der, men det er i alle fall i morgen.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 11.10.2012 | 19:32

Litt av teksten på Demi sin nye singel?

Er usikker, men kan godt hende! :D

- Mette

CATEGORY: Informasjon | 11.10.2012 | 18:04

Nye tweets fra i går

Trodde disse var lagt ut, men når jeg så etter var de visst ikke det. Jaja, bedre sent enn aldri.

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 11.10.2012 | 12:14

What Is the X Factor?

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 11.10.2012 | 12:11

Nytt bilde av Demi og Nick

- Mette

CATEGORY: Informasjon | 11.10.2012 | 11:16

Gamle Interviewer av Demi


CATEGORY: X Factor | 11.10.2012 | 09:55

Ny X-factor episode - The Judges Homes

Her er den første videoen i spillelisten til den nye episoden av X-factor hvor Nick Jonas hjelper Demi.


CATEGORY: Informasjon | 10.10.2012 | 22:52

Hvordan få varsel når Demi tweeter

Tenkte å komme med enda et tips til dere! Nemlig hvordan dere kan få varsel når Demi har tweetet! Hvis dere ser ovenfor på bilde så ser dere en sånn mann på venstre side - trykk på den og resten får dere til selv!


CATEGORY: Tweets | 10.10.2012 | 22:48

Nye tweets


CATEGORY: Tweets | 10.10.2012 | 20:40

Ny tweet


CATEGORY: News | 10.10.2012 | 17:39

"Demi Lovato Wants Music To Be More Emotional"

Demi Lovato wants to bring more "emotion" to music.


The Skyscraper hitmaker - who underwent a three-month stint in rehab in 2010 to receive help for self harm, bipolar disorder and an eating disorder - has learned to ?connect? with her audience by being truthful about herself, and admires the work of Adele and Taylor Swift, who make catchy, honest songs.

Hentet fra HER



CATEGORY: X Factor | 10.10.2012 | 17:36

Ny sneakpeak av Demi og Nick




CATEGORY: X Factor | 10.10.2012 | 17:33

Intervju med X Factor



CATEGORY: Informasjon | 10.10.2012 | 14:58

Demis nettbutikk

Visste alle at Demi har en egen ´nettbutikk´(eller hva du vil kalle det)? På denne siden kan du velge mellom å kjøpe en del forskjellige t-skjorter og diverse. Jeg selv har en egen konto! Tenkte bare å tipse dere som ikke visste det!


Har planer om å kjøpe dette ovenfor ganske snart. Klikk HER for å komme til siden! 



CATEGORY: News | 10.10.2012 | 11:54

Backstage Teen Vogue cover shooten

Har lagt ut denne videoen tidligere men nå er den blitt lastet opp på Youtube også!



CATEGORY: News | 10.10.2012 | 00:42

Flere uttak fra Teen Vogue photoshooten

Kommer nok bedre og flere bilder etterhvert!


CATEGORY: X Factor | 10.10.2012 | 00:02

Ny X Factor video




CATEGORY: News | 09.10.2012 | 23:59

Teen Vogue photoshooten + intervju




CATEGORY: News | 09.10.2012 | 23:56


Denne torsdagen 11 oktober skal Demi ha en live chat!!! Åh ENDELIG sier jeg bare. Jeg er dessverre bortreist på denne dagen men en av de andre bloggerne infomerer nok mer om hvor dere kan se det og lignende når det nærmer seg! Har dere noen spørsmål til Demi kan dere spørre på Twitter ved å bruke #GangUpForGood før eller etter spørsmålet deres, gjerne tag Twitter kontoen hennes også! 



CATEGORY: Tweets | 09.10.2012 | 20:14

Ny tweet


CATEGORY: X Factor | 09.10.2012 | 19:25

nytt x factor bilde

Hentet fra HER



CATEGORY: Bilder | 09.10.2012 | 17:18


Ååh husker når Demi var på norske kanaler!! Haha jeg var skikkelig vill, og sto for det meste foran TVen og tok bilder... Hun var både på TV Norge og FEM kanalen :)


CATEGORY: Bilder | 09.10.2012 | 17:07

Gammelt bilde av Demi og Marissa

Åh søtee! Demi og Marissa har vært bestevenner i mange år. Jeg har alltid likt vennskapet deres..


CATEGORY: Bilder | 09.10.2012 | 17:03

Tegning av Demi #2


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 09.10.2012 | 13:41

Intervjuet med "Jimmy Kimmel Live"




CATEGORY: Bilder | 09.10.2012 | 13:05

Demi ankommer "Jimmy Kimmel Live" i Hollywood i går #2




CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 09.10.2012 | 11:20

Full Interview for "Teen Vogue"!

With a hit single, a fresh look, and a new gig alongside fellow Disney alum Britney Spears as an X Factor judge, Demi Lovato finds her place in the sun.

On the day after her song "Give Your Heart a Break" officially became her first-ever number one single, Demi Lovato is making a whirlwind visit to New York City to appear on three TV shows, participate in a mini junket to promote her gig as a mentor/judge alongside Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, and Britney Spears on The X Factor, and, finally, give her Teen Vogue interview, which?because she's due back in Los Angeles that very evening?takes place in the back of a luxury SUV as it speeds toward Teterboro Airport. By all rights, she should be exhausted. But the New Mexico?born, Texas-raised 20-year-old seems anything but as she talks about the superpacked schedule she's been keeping over the past few months. "The amount of success that I've had, even just in the last six months, is incredible to me," Demi says. Read on for her thoughts about music, boys, and the importance of being real.

Q: So, you hesitated when Simon offered him the chance to join The X Factor? Or you just got completely excited to do it? 

A: It was something that did not need to even think! Before I received the offer, I was sitting in a meeting feeling very discouraged [about my career], wishing I was earlier. And I decided that I needed to stop thinking about what I would like to have and start thinking about what I would have. I was ready for something new, and I wanted to put this out in the universe ... and then he called, literally, a week and a half later.

Q: That's kind of scary! 

A: It is. I was nine years old when the American Idol debuted, and I remember thinking, I've been waiting all this time and working on my career and now I'm sitting on a bench with Simon.

Q: And with Britney! How is she? You must have inspired her when you were getting...

A: Yes, she was one of the first concerts I went to. She is amazing. She is an icon that I did not know what to expect, but I was thrilled to discover that she is very sweet and funny and quirky. We had fun. We are two girls in the program, so we're always laughing together, and we kind of have each other.

Q: Still, you're still a bit young to be a mentor. What kind of advice do you give to your competitors?

A: It's much more than being a talented singer. I'll help them prepare mentally for everything that is to come, as all these things that happened to me recently, I really attribute the partly the work I've done myself. In the second I became more focused and aware of who I am, my performances have improved and easier to relate to people. For a long time, I was pretending to be someone I was not, and I was unhappy. When I opened it and said, "I'm human, I have problems, but I'm willing to share them," was when I started to really connect. I started working on my fourth album, and I want to make it in the music too. I'm tired of songs that do not have a lot of emotion in them.

Q: The way you're talking suggests something like an album full of ballads. Is that what you mean?

A: No. I love the way that Adele has carved his way to a singer who is very emotional, but I also love how Taylor Swift can do the same thing - it puts a lot of emotion in their songs while they are still very 'gum'. I'd say I'm tired of all the dubstep that is on the radio now - I think it will be out in two months. I want to make something that people will listen for a while, rather than something that will just be trendy. I feel like I grew as a person, and I want my music to grow with me.

Q: Two years ago, you left a tour and went to rehab. What are you doing now to ensure that you stay healthy? 

A: Obviously, I sleep like right, I exercise, and meditate. And even when I'm filming or on tour, I keep my routine. I know I can not lose my therapy appointments or things will be a little more difficult, so I always put my recovery first.

Q: It's hard to look good on you have to say 'no' to things? 

A: It's something I had to learn. I always worked very hard, and many of the opportunities I had were encouraging. But I'm still grateful to have started work so early, because I dreamed about it for a long time, and maybe I would not have the same opportunities if I had expected.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you're not filming, touring or recording?

A: I'm constantly busy, but I make sure to spend time with my friends and my family. I did a bit of a cleanup in my friends after rehabilitation, in which I left aside people who had my best interests at heart. Now I have friends who love me for who I am and do not care about what I'm doing. Most of them are not in the industry. Some of them do not even know my songs!

Q: And yet, you still have some friends in the industry. For example, there are some rumors about you and Niall Horan of One Direction. 

A: He's an amazing guy and really sweet. But he's not my boyfriend ... I'm in a time now where I really need to focus on myself. Obviously, I'll keep enjoying people - or loving - but I need not be in a relationship for a while because I need to be okay with being alone, first. I'm really happy now. I never thought it was possible to be happy because of how I was depressed my entire life. But I feel very good. It's like I'm living in a dream.

- Mette


CATEGORY: Bilder | 09.10.2012 | 11:06

Demi ankommer "Jimmy Kimmel Live" i Hollywood i går

- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 09.10.2012 | 11:02

Nye tweets + en retweet

Dette var det bildet fra hun var 16 år som hun la med:

Embedded image permalink

Dette var det andre hun la med: 

Embedded image permalink

- Mette

CATEGORY: Videoer | 09.10.2012 | 11:00

Behind the scenes: Demi on the set of The Enforcers PSA shoot

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 08.10.2012 | 22:39

X Factor Promo

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 08.10.2012 | 19:21

Nye bilder fra Teen Vogue photoshooten

Herregud, så nydelige!!


- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 08.10.2012 | 16:54

new candids #3

Har ikke flere bilder akkurat nå men hvis jeg finner flere poster jeg selvfølgelig innlegg! 



CATEGORY: News | 08.10.2012 | 16:52

new candids #2


Kommer flere bilder i neste innlegg! 




CATEGORY: News | 08.10.2012 | 16:46

new candids #1

Disse bildene er fra igår når Demi var ute å gikk i Beverly Hills. Kommer flere bilder i de neste innleggene! 



CATEGORY: News | 08.10.2012 | 15:22

Obama snakker om Demi

Dette som står ovenfor ble sagt av Obama engang i fjor. Man, you have my vote!!! 



CATEGORY: News | 08.10.2012 | 14:43

GYHAB og GYHAB (Glee versjon) topp 50 på iTunes

GYHAB er på nummer 42 på topp 50 på iTunes, og GYHAB Glee versjonen er på nummer 40. 



CATEGORY: Bilder | 08.10.2012 | 14:09

noen litt gamle konsertbilder



CATEGORY: Videoer | 08.10.2012 | 09:55

As The Bell Rings

Her er altså episode 1 av As The Bell Rings som Demi var med på før :) Om dere vil se resten av videoene ligger alle under samme kanal.


Jeg må bare beklage at jeg ikke har blogget, har bare noen problemer med dataten, og fikk lånt en annen akkurat nå, så får vi se når jeg er tilbake:)

CATEGORY: Tweets | 08.10.2012 | 09:08

ny tweet


CATEGORY: X Factor | 07.10.2012 | 22:10

Simon and Demi




- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 07.10.2012 | 22:09

this smile

Det er utrolig lite news å blogge om, så det er grunnen for at det kommer en del innlegg med ikke såå mye mening i.. Men det er vel bedre vi blogger om noe og holder bloggen oppdatert enn å ikke blogge i det hele tatt, right? 



CATEGORY: Bilder | 07.10.2012 | 21:40

baby demi


CATEGORY: X Factor | 07.10.2012 | 21:09

Hvem er din favorittdommer?


Popcrush har en avstemning om hvem som er best dommer av Britney og Demi. Trykk HER for å stemme!


- Mette


CATEGORY: Bilder | 07.10.2012 | 21:07

Bedre bilde av Teen Vogue coveret

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 07.10.2012 | 20:56

flere x factor gifs

Sett noen som ser mer perfekt ut når en drikker kanskje? Nei tenkte meg det.


CATEGORY: X Factor | 07.10.2012 | 20:52

x factor gif




CATEGORY: Bilder | 07.10.2012 | 20:39

with blue eyes

Søt da!


CATEGORY: Videoer | 07.10.2012 | 20:34


Denne sangen er ikke på noe album, så det er ikke sikkert dere vet om den! Jeg digger den hvertfall!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 07.10.2012 | 20:03

"I'm Proud of my Culture and Ethnicity"

Demi Lovato on being Latina:
Demi always honors her roots and where she comes from.

The 20-year-old star is having one of the best year's in her career thanks to her chart-topping track, "Give Your Heart a Break." Demi is also ruling the judge's table on X Factor, which she shares with Simon Cowell, LA Reid, and Britney Spears. 

Back in Latina's December/January issue, the Texan native spoke to us about what she loved most about being Latina. ?Latina culture means warm family gatherings, special stories and a bond that I love to experience."

She continued, "I feel so much love and comfort when I?m with [the Latino] side of my family.  It makes me proud of my culture and my ethnicity.?

Demi is expected to release the first single off of her fourth studio album this November.

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 07.10.2012 | 19:07


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 07.10.2012 | 17:09

it's amazing how much you can hide with a smile


CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 07.10.2012 | 10:28

"Jeg hadde en slags opprydning i vennene mine"

I en alder av 20 er Demi Lovato to år ute av rehab og er nå dommer i X Factor. Hun forteller i neste måneds Teen Vogue hvordan hun holder ting sammen.


"Jeg gjorde en slags venneopprydding rett etter rehab hvor jeg plukket ut de som ikke hadde noen interesse for meg fra hjertet" sier hun. "Nå har jeg venner som liker meg for hvem jeg er og som ikke bryr seg om hva jeg gjør... Noen av dem vet ikke en gang sangene mine!"


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 07.10.2012 | 10:15

Teen Vogue photoshoot

Nydelige Demi!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Trender | 06.10.2012 | 22:08

"We Want a Semi Duet" trender

Semi står for Selena og Demi.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Trender | 06.10.2012 | 21:05

"We Want a Diley Duet" trender

"Diley" står for Miley (Cyrus) og Demi!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 06.10.2012 | 18:40

Tegninger av Demi



Det er så lite nyheter å blogge om så tenkte bare å oppdatere dere litt! Fant disse tegningene når jeg søkte rundt på Tumblr i dag og måtte bare dele de med dere! Skjønner virkelig ikke at noen kan være så talentfulle!!


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 06.10.2012 | 16:45

old pictures #3


CATEGORY: Videoer | 06.10.2012 | 12:12

GYHAB - studio acapella


CATEGORY: Bilder | 06.10.2012 | 10:26

my demi walls

Dette er da altså Demi veggene mine! Som dere sikkert ser så er jeg ikke ferdig enda, men siden jeg må printe ut mesteparten av bildene må jeg bruke skriveren til pappa og ja den...funker ikke helt som den skal lengre mehe. Får vel spørre han pent om han kan fikse den igjen!

CATEGORY: Bilder | 06.10.2012 | 09:51

on shopping

Disse bildene er det også jeg som har redigert! Litt rar redigering på noen kanskje, men likte de fleste

CATEGORY: Bilder | 06.10.2012 | 09:35

lik demi

SE så like Demi og denne jenta er.. Det er sykt.

CATEGORY: Bilder | 06.10.2012 | 09:32

redigerte bilder

Disse bildene er det jeg som har redigert på telefonen!

CATEGORY: News | 06.10.2012 | 08:42

Demi på coveret av DM Magazine

- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 06.10.2012 | 08:40

nye tweets

Videoen hun la med:


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 05.10.2012 | 23:15

gamle photoshoot bilder med joe

Disse bildene er tatt for en photshoot for Teen Vogue bladet sommeren 2010. 



CATEGORY: Bilder | 05.10.2012 | 23:01

demis og nicks vennskap døde aldri



De har kjent hverandre siden 2007-2008 (når de spilte inn første Camp Rock filmen ilag), og fortsatt er de gode venner. Dette vennskapet døde aldri, jeg forguder vennskapet deres. Demi har også vært på turneer med Jonas brøderne, og skrevet låter med både Nick og Joe. 




CATEGORY: Tweets | 05.10.2012 | 22:49

ny tweet


CATEGORY: News | 05.10.2012 | 22:25

Bridgit Mendler og Shane Harper har spilt inn "Sing My Song For You"


For dere som ikke vet det så sang Demi og Joe Jonas denne sangen i en episode av Sonny With a Chance i 2010.


- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 05.10.2012 | 21:19

demi dosen´t need autotune...


Hva jeg nettopp skrev er real fucking talk. 


CATEGORY: X Factor | 05.10.2012 | 21:03

demi og nick - gifs fra x factor


X Factor dommerne har valgt en artist hver som skal hjelpe de når deltagerne i deres kategori fremfører foran dommeren sin, og Demi valgte Nick som dere sikkert skjønner. Gleder meg til å se episodene, dette er nemlig gifs fra huset til Demi IIIK!!



CATEGORY: News | 05.10.2012 | 19:56

"Skyscraper" blir sunget på programmet The Next

I semifinalen av programmet "The Next" (hvor Joe Jonas er en av dommerene) sang den ene deltageren,Krystle Cruz,  "Skyscraper" av Demi. Hva syns dere om opptredenen?

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 05.10.2012 | 19:51

old pictures #2

Dette bilde er veldig spesielt for Lovatics, fordi dette var det første bilde vi fikk sett etter Demi kom ut av rehab. 



Håper dere likte innlegget med litt gamle bilder! Vet ihvertfall at noen av dere ønsker innlegg som dette iblant





CATEGORY: News | 05.10.2012 | 18:36

Ny sang?

Jeg har aldri hørt om han her, men så det her på Twitter. Det ser altså ut som om det blir en ny sang om jeg ikke har misforstått helt. Oppdaterer dere mer når jeg finner ut av det!

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 05.10.2012 | 14:48

First look to The X Factor ?Judges Houses?

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 05.10.2012 | 12:55

hvis du noen gang føler deg alene

En av grunnene til at jeg elsker Demi ♥ (Bildet er linket)


- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 05.10.2012 | 12:43

Demi på coveret av Atrevidinha

Det er et magasin fra Brazil. 


- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 05.10.2012 | 12:40

Glee sin fulle versjon av GYHAB

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 05.10.2012 | 10:13


Trykk HER for å se de to bootcamp episodene som har kommet ut så langt! 

Disse bildene ovenfor er faktisk fra når Demi og de andre dommerne var en uke i Miami og spilte inn bootcamp episodene.


CATEGORY: Tweets | 05.10.2012 | 09:54

nye tweets


CATEGORY: X Factor | 05.10.2012 | 09:50

demi gif #9

Denne gifen er hentet fra en av X Factor episodene! 


CATEGORY: News | 05.10.2012 | 09:47

på coveret av teen vogue

Demi kommer til å være på coveret av bladet Teen Vogue neste måned!


-Julie (sorry for mitt fravær fra bloggen igår, men rett etter skolen dro jeg til Trondheim så ja, derfor hadde jeg ikke anledning til å blogge) 


CATEGORY: X Factor | 04.10.2012 | 21:04

flere gifs

Tumblr_mbdpa4pgoc1qlqnw2o1_250_large Tumblr_mbdpa4pgoc1qlqnw2o2_250_large

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 04.10.2012 | 18:40

Boot Camp Round 1 Results: The First Cut Is The Deepest

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 04.10.2012 | 13:00

Boot Camp Supertease

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 04.10.2012 | 12:59

First Look 'X Factor' Boot Camp

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 04.10.2012 | 12:55

Nytt bilde av Demi med en fan

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 04.10.2012 | 12:46

All Access Pass - Boot Camp

- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 04.10.2012 | 07:37

nye tweets


CATEGORY: X Factor | 03.10.2012 | 21:43

"Boot Camp Preview: Bawling, Bitchiness, & Breakdowns"

Fra denne siden HER!


Boot Camp, the second phase of THE X FACTOR competition, is what separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls, the good from the great, and the strong from the weak. Airing TONIGHT and TOMORROW at 8/7c on FOX you get to see all of that and more as our contestants battle it out to make it through to the Judges' Homes.


In Miami over the summer, the hopefuls were put through singing challenges, worked with vocal coaches, and for the first time went head-to-head with their direct competitors. It's full of tears, meltdowns, reality checks, and nervous Nellies.


Get a whiff of what the contestants say about it going into tonight's big show: "Boot Camp is the epitome of tough," said one contestant. "If you're not strong mentally, you're gonna crumble," said another contender.


"My nerves took over," admitted one hopeful. "This is my chance. I just blew it," said another tearful singer. "It is cutthroat, totally. I better watch it," said CeCe Frey.


The judges were rough. We can't wait to find out which contestant Simon Cowell said this to: "Arguably, one of the worst things I've ever heard in my life." Ouch.


"Boot Camp is tough and we're putting these guys through rigorous, rigorous tasks to really see if they're qualified to go through to the next round," L.A. Reid recently told us. "I think the competition in Boot Camp is going to be so stiff. I can't predict the outcome because there's so much good talent this year."


L.A. said that Boot Camp is one of his favorite parts of the show, as well. "I love the idea of going into Boot Camp and really turning it up for these contestants and making it even tougher for them because on the first audition, God knows how long they've rehearsed for their first audition. When they get to Boot Camp, they don't have any time to prepare, so now it's like we separate the boys from the men and see what they're really made of. That's exciting to me," he said.


For a sneak peek of Boot Camp before tonight, click here. Want to refresh your memory on who went through to Boot Camp? Then check out our brand spanking new Boot Camp page.


Tune in TONIGHT & TOMORROW at 8/7c on FOX for two hour-long Boot Camp episodes.

Dette bilde var med i artikkelen. 



CATEGORY: Videoer | 03.10.2012 | 20:50

Demis første episode på "Barney & Friends"

Aw! Dette er fra 2002. Til de som ikke visste det var Demi med på et barneprogram som het "Barney & Friends" når hun var liten. 


CATEGORY: Videoer | 03.10.2012 | 20:13

med talia

Demi kommer inn rundt 0:51! Dette er en video fra iHeartRadio festivalen som var i Las Vegas forrige helg. 


Forresten kommer vi nok til å fortsette å blogge en stund til, ihvertfall jeg. Har det veldig travelt i ukedagene egentlig, men jeg skal nok få postet noen innlegg hver dag! 



CATEGORY: Blogg | 03.10.2012 | 18:18


Kan alle som leser bloggen være så snille å kommentere dette innlegget? Vi får ikke ofte kommentarer, men statistikken er ganske høy - så hvor mange leser bloggen?! Vil bare få si at vi bruker en del tid på å finne news om Demi, også disse andre innleggene vi i tillegg poster tar tid å lage. Så da blir det ikke så motiverende hvis nesten ingen leser bloggen, som dere sikkert skjønner! Så alle som leser bloggen kommenter under dette innlegget, så får vi se hvor mange som leser den, og hvis det er en del kommer vi nok til å fortsette. :) 

-Julie, Mette og Tiril 

CATEGORY: Bilder | 03.10.2012 | 16:14

old pictures

Håper dere likte bildene! Var noen som ville vi skulle poste mer litt gamlere bilder av Demi, så.


CATEGORY: News | 03.10.2012 | 07:09

Liten video av at Glee fremfører GYHAB

Lea Michele var på Ellen for et par dager siden og da kom det en liten video når det ble sunget GYHAB. Vil dere høre at de synger hele sangen kan dere trykke HER.

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 03.10.2012 | 07:06

Demi ankommer LAX

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 02.10.2012 | 22:26

Nye bilder fra konserten 29.september - del 2

- Mette

CATEGORY: Tweets | 02.10.2012 | 22:23

Demi fikk svar fra Starbucks på Twitter

- Mette

CATEGORY: Intervjuer | 02.10.2012 | 18:12

Demi sitt intervju med MixTv

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 02.10.2012 | 16:31

our idol


CATEGORY: Tweets | 02.10.2012 | 15:24

ny tweet


CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 02.10.2012 | 07:09

Nye bilder fra konserten 29.september

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 02.10.2012 | 07:03

Bilder fra konserten i Rio de Janeiro - del 3

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 02.10.2012 | 07:00

Bilder fra konserten i Rio de Janeiro - del 2

Bildene er linket! Vil dere se flere bilder kan dere trykke HER. Dette er nemlig private bilder så jeg får ikke lagret de.

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 02.10.2012 | 06:56

Bilder fra konserten i Rio de Janeiro

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 02.10.2012 | 06:54

Bilde av Demi som forlater hotellet og med en fan

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 01.10.2012 | 21:56

Bilder fra Meet&Greet i Sao Paulo

- Mette

CATEGORY: Videoer | 01.10.2012 | 20:35

Demi og bandet backstage i går (video)

Fra 1:44:

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 01.10.2012 | 20:34

Video av HELE konserten i går

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 01.10.2012 | 20:11

Gamle privatbilder av Demi


CATEGORY: News | 01.10.2012 | 20:01

Norske Lovatics gruppe på Facebook

Hvis du er en Lovatic og ikke er medlem av den Norske Lovatics gruppen på Facebook anbefaler jeg deg å melde deg inn! Trykk HER hvis du vil melde deg inn! 


CATEGORY: Bilder | 01.10.2012 | 19:18

Bilder fra Meet&Greet i Rio de Janeiro i går

- Mette

CATEGORY: Videoer | 01.10.2012 | 18:44

Fix A Heart


Er så hekta på Fix A Heart akkurat nå, og den gir så mye mening i livet mitt nå, så jeg legger ut noen live videoer og bilder av Demi når hun synger den.


Og btw, du som kalte deg 'just me' på en kommentar i innlegget om hva dere vil ha på bloggen, husk at du kan legge meg til på facebook og snakke med meg når som helst hvis du trenger noen å snakke med<3 Stay Strong and hang in here c:

CATEGORY: Bilder | 01.10.2012 | 17:11

Nytt bilde av Demi backstage i går

- Mette

CATEGORY: Blogg | 01.10.2012 | 15:32

si ifra om hva dere vil lese om på bloggen

Vi bare lurer på hva dere vil lese om på bloggen? Om det er noe dere vil se mer av eller mindre av? Ihvertfall hvis det er noen ønsker skriv det til oss i kommentarfeltet og vi kommer til å gjøre noe med det! :) 

-Julie, Mette og Tiril 


CATEGORY: News | 01.10.2012 | 10:09

Hør Glee sin versjon av GYHAB her!

 - Mette

CATEGORY: Videoer | 01.10.2012 | 10:07

Demi som ankommer hotellet etter konserten i går (video)

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 01.10.2012 | 10:03

Bilder fra gårsdagens konsert i Rio de Janeiro - del 3

- Mette

CATEGORY: News | 01.10.2012 | 10:03

Jessie J følger Demi

Hun har også tweetet en liten lyric fra GYHAB:

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 01.10.2012 | 09:56

Bilder fra gårsdagens konsert i Rio de Janeiro - del 2

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 01.10.2012 | 09:51

Demi backstage før konserten i går

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder | 01.10.2012 | 09:51

Demi med en fan på Meet&Greet i går

- Mette

CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 01.10.2012 | 09:50

Bilder fra gårsdagens konsert i Rio de Janeiro

- Mette

CATEGORY: X Factor | 01.10.2012 | 07:51

demi en bedre dommer enn britney


CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 01.10.2012 | 07:44

"Skyscraper - Demi Lovato (Live at Z Festival 2012) Rio de Janeiro"

Denne videoen er fra igår, dag 2 på Z Festivalen i Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Kommer flere videoer så fort som mulig!


CATEGORY: Bilder&videoer fra konserter | 01.10.2012 | 07:38

bilder fra gårsdagens konsert på z festivalen

"‎It's ironic that someone threw a barbie on stage cause I spent my whole life trying to be this but I'm not this" > dette sa hun når bilde ovenfor ble tatt.

 Helt ræva bilder for å si det rett ut, men det kommer nok bilder med bedre kvalitet ganske snart!